What is a career services advisor?

A career services advisor is going to be your go-to throughout your college life. They are going to help you in any way they can in managing your credentials, making […]

Why are college career services important?

Career Services is easily one of the most important offices at any college or university. The thing that makes these services so important is because they help students in a […]

What are career services at college?

Career Services is an umbrella term for a number of services that almost all colleges will offer to their students. These services strive to help students in different areas such […]

What are the top Hispanic-serving online colleges?

A Hispanic-Serving Institute, or commonly just HSI, is an institution of higher education that participates in a federally-funded program that is designed to assist these institutions operating in the United […]

Are online colleges easier?

No, online classes are just as rigorous and comprehensive as traditional classes, so they are no easier in that regard. The schools are held to the same standards as physical […]

Are online colleges respected?

The harrowing truth is that degree mills were what everyone used to think of when they heard the words ‘online college.’ Thanks to increased standards across the board, and an […]

How good are online college degrees?

How employers view online college degrees is a common source of concern for a lot of potential distance-learning students. The thing to consider with this is the growth of online […]

Who accredits online computer science programs?

Many institutions that wish to have their online computer science programs accredited will seek programmatic accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET). The Accreditation Board for […]

Is a finance degree worth it?

Growth in the finance field has been steady and is projected to be so continually, giving finance degrees a strong ROI.