The best CRNA schools for working professionals are going to be the ones that offer flexibility, so ideally, these schools would offer asynchronous online programs that would allow you to log in any time you’d like to complete your work. There are currently more than 50 schools offering online CRNA options. Another thing that makes a particular CRNA school a great option for someone who has already entered their career would be a school that allows you to complete your clinical hours in the most convenient way possible. One of the best schools for the aspiring CRNA that is also a busy professional is Northeastern University. The program at Northeastern University has a generous transfer policy, multiple clinical locations, and more.

There are a surprising amount of CRNA schools that offer online programs. The majority of the programs are presented on a hybrid basis, which means that you will have to commute to campus for at least one course. Any on-campus meetings for online CRNA programs are scheduled with the busy schedule of its students in mind because most of the students are going to be nurses that have already entered their professional lives. Most face-to-face meetings will take place over a week or less during the summer, depending on the school. One of the best CRNA schools for working professionals is Northeastern University. Northeastern University offers a Nurse Anesthesia Program that until recently was a Master of Science; however, the university is transitioning to a doctoral level program in order to comply with new regulations set forth by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs. The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs has mandated that all Advanced Practice Nursing programs for aspiring CRNAs transition to doctoral programs by the year 2022. The restructured program at Northeastern allows students who have already been certified as CRNAs to transfer in up to 26 of the 54 total credits so they can complete it in an accelerated format. There are several approved locations for students to complete their clinical requirements, so you are less likely to have to completely relocate, which makes this an incredible choice.

The most flexible online CRNA program, making it the best possible option for those of you who are already balancing a professional and personal life, is offered at the University of Arizona. It is a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program that offers 100% of the coursework at a distance with very limited on-campus requirements over the course of the three-year program. The Nurse Anesthetist track is very practice-focused so that students are learning everything they need in order to excel in their careers, all of this information presented in as practical a way as possible. The College of Nursing at the University of Arizona offers special scholarships for its students in order to make tuition more affordable; in addition to that, any prospective students that live in the western United States have the added benefit of the Western Regional Graduate Program. This particular program allows students that qualify to pay in-state tuition rates regardless of where they might live.

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