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As the world becomes more dependent on technology and more and more technology is integrated into everything that we see, use, and do in our daily lives, the field of computer science continues to grow. Not only is it a job that is very secure and offers plenty of room to continue growing, it is a field that is always full of new challenges. It’s no shock that it calls so many people! Computer science degrees are widely offered across America and especially online. If you feel a certain draw to this field, or you’d like to explore the possibilities available to you, all of the information we have on online computer science programs is right here.

Computer Science Degrees FAQ

Our extensive FAQ section was designed to help answer any questions that students like you may have as they work towards earning an online computer science degree. We’ve written out our most common questions right here so you don’t have to look for them.

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Careers in Computer Science

An online computer science degree is going to prepare you for a variety of different careers. Below, we’ve profiled a few for you to get some ideas about what you could be doing! Each profile includes information about the necessary qualifications, your responsibilities in that position, and some salary information as well.

Computer Science College Rankings

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