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We also have 20 featured scholarships for military veterans. You may also enjoy our top list featuring the top 50 scholarships for online students! Our resource guide to finding and applying for scholarships may also help you find easy scholarships.

Easy Scholarships

Countless students avoid applying for college scholarships for a number of reasons: It’s too time consuming, they feel the odds are against them, or perhaps they don’t feel qualified. Well, here are some easy scholarships that accept no excuses — some only take minutes to apply, and many only require student status and U.S. citizenship.

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easy scholarships for college students
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US Bank Scholarship

What: Easy scholarships for high school seniors and undergraduate students

How much: $5,000 or $10,000

How often: Three given out per year

Why it’s easy: Applications require only basic information. You will also need to complete the online financial lessons through the bank. The more lessons you complete, the more entries you will get!

Scholarship Website

Niche “No Essay” Scholarship

What: Super easy scholarships for incoming or current college students

How much: $2,000

How often: Once a month

Why it’s an easy scholarship: Applications are simple, and you can apply every month.

Scholarship Website

Student Loan Hero Smart Money Giveaway

What: All eligible high school students, college students, student parents, and


How much: $1,000

How often: One winner monthly

Why it’s easy: Applicants only need to fill out a simple website form

Scholarship Website

Scholarship Zone Scholarship

What: Straightforward scholarships given to those who register on the Scholarship Zone site

How much: $10,000

How often: Several times per year

Why it’s an easy scholarship: The application is nothing but 15 questions about yourself.

Scholarship Website

$2,000 Nitro Scholarship

What: For students or parents of students attending an accredited college or university located in the US. High school students and their parents are also eligible to apply, as are those who have already attended college and are attempting to pay off student loans.

How much: $2,000

How often: One granted monthly

Why it’s easy: Meet the eligibility requirements and fill out the simple website form.

Scholarship Website

Courage to Grow Scholarship

What: For high school juniors and seniors, and college students with a 2.5 GPA and above

How much: $500

How often: Monthly

Why it’s an easy scholarship: Applicants must simply have a GPA of 2.5 or better and be a US citizen.

Scholarship Website

Nicholas A. Virgilio Memorial Haiku Competition

What: A haiku competition for grades 7 through 12

How much: $100

How often: 6 granted per year

Why it’s easy: Three original, unpublished haikus are all that is needed to apply.

Scholarship Website

Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship

What: An essay contest for students attending college or university in the US or Canada by fall

How much: $500

How often: Yearly

Why it’s easy: Applicants must submit two short essays: one about travel and the other about deserving the scholarship.

Scholarship Website

AFSA High School Senior Scholarship

What: Super easy scholarships for high school seniors

How much: $2,000

How often: 10 granted yearly

Why it’s easy: Applicants just have to read an essay about automatic fire sprinklers and then take a test online.

Scholarship Website

Ascent 50 Days of $1,000 Scholarships Giveaway

What: Students over 18 enrolled in a technical skills training program or at least part-time in an accredited degree program

How much: $1000

How often: Daily throughout the summer break

Why it’s an easy scholarship: Applicants just need to submit a simple form. Winners are chosen each day throughout the summer, and students can enter every day for a chance to win.

Scholarship Website

Conestoga Bank “Future of Banking” Scholarship

What: Oh-so-easy scholarships for high school seniors and college freshmen

How much: $1,000

How often: Yearly

Why it’s easy: All that applicants need to do is write a 500-word essay about the future of banking.

Scholarship Website

$10,000 ScholarshipPoints Scholarship Program

What: Students aged 13 and older who plan on attending college

How much: $10,000 and $1,000 

How often: $10,000 awarded to one student every quarter and $1,000 awarded to three students monthly.

Why it’s an easy scholarship: Applicants only need to fill out a simple online form and hit submit.

Scholarship Website

$1,000 Cappex Easy Money Scholarship

What: Ridiculously easy scholarships for college-bound teenagers

How much: $1,000

How often: Monthly

Why it’s easy: All you need to do is fill out the super-easy online form to be eligible. Then, you can return and apply each month again. 

Scholarship Website

National Merit Scholarship Program

What: Any student who is planning to attend college and who is taking the PSAT exam.

How much: $2,500

How often: 7,600 granted yearly

Why it’s easy: Upon taking the PSAT exam, students must simply indicate on the test answer sheet that they wish to compete for this scholarship.

Scholarship Website

Because College is Expensive Scholarship

What: High school sophomores, juniors & seniors, current college students and anyone else looking to attend college or graduate school

How much: $500

How often: one granted quarterly

Why it’s easy: Just fill out the form, read the official rules, click the box, and you’re entered!

Scholarship Website

Scholarship Owl No Essay You Deserve it Scholarship

What: For students over 16 who are residents of any of the 50 United States, District of Columbia or US Territories. Rhode Island and Michigan students are not eligible.

How much: $2,222

How often: Monthly

Why it’s easy: Fill out the form and you are automatically entered. Plus, you can apply for lots of other great scholarships on the site.

Scholarship Website

$25,100 Be Bold” No-Essay Scholarship

What: For students at any education level, field of study, GPA or school.

How much: $25,100

How often: Annually

Why it’s easy: Fill out the form on the site. Winners will be chosen based on how bold their profile is. 

Scholarship Website

Tallo Monthly Scholarship

What: For students in all grades who have a Tallo profile and plan to attend college.

How much: $1,000

How often: One a month to two winners

Why it’s easy: Just join Tallo, create a profile, apply for the scholarship.

Scholarship Website

$1,000 Too Cool to Pay for School Scholarship

What: For high school, college, and graduate school students of all ages.

How much: $1,000

How often: Quarterly 

Why it’s easy: Fill out the online form once a month. Follow Access Scholarships on Instagram and earn an extra entry.

Scholarship Website

$1,000 Monthly Sallie Mae Scholarship

What: For students, parents, guidance counselors, or financial aid officers in the US

How much: $1,000

How often: Monthly

Why it’s easy: Fill out the online entry form once a month and click the box at the bottom to be entered into the monthly drawing. 

Scholarship Website

Unigo $1500 Do-Over Scholarship

What: For US students over 14 who are legal residents.

How much: $1,500

How often: Annually

Why it’s easy: Fill out the online entry form and explain in 250 words why if you could get one “do-over” in life what it would be.

Scholarship Website

The Christian Connector $1500 Scholarship Drawing

What: For students who are enrolling for the first time as a full-time student at a Christ-centered Christian college, university, or Bible college.

How much: $1,500

How often: Annually

Why it’s easy: Fill out the online entry form and agree to receive information from Christian colleges.

Scholarship Website

CollegeXpress $10,000 Scholarship Contest

What: For students who are entering a CollegeXpress member college for the first time.

How much: $10,000

How often: Annually

Why it’s easy: Fill out the online entry form and agree to receive information from CollegeXpress.

Scholarship Website

DoSomething.Org Scholarships

What: For US and Canadian students who want to earn scholarships by completing community service tasks.

How much: Varies

How often: Ongoing

Why it’s easy: Visit the web page and take part in a task to be eligible to enter a scholarship contest.

Scholarship Website

Love Your Career Scholarship

What: For US students who will be enrolled in college at the time of the next deadline 

How much: $1,000

How often: Twice yearly

Why it’s easy: Visit the web page for instructions on how to write and submit a 1000-word essay.

Scholarship Website

CARiD Scholarship 

What: For US students between 16 and 20 who are enrolled in college for the upcoming semester

How much: $1,000

How often: Twice yearly

Why it’s easy: Create and email a photo inspired by some of the automotive industry that is relevant to you. 

Scholarship Website

Leaders Save Lives Scholarship Program

What: For US students in high school or college who want to host a blood drive

How much: varies

How often: varies

Why it’s easy: Host a blood drive at your school or community and be entered to win a scholarship through the American Red Cross

Scholarship Website

Scholarship Myths

Some students lose out on thousands of dollars just because of bad information. Let’s break some common scholarship myths and get more young people the money they deserve! (3)

Myth #1: Billions of scholarship money goes unclaimed each year.

The truth: Employer-paid education benefits are included in the “billions” of unclaimed scholarship money and account for about 85% of it. So in truth, the number of unclaimed dollars is much lower.

Myth #2: The competition for scholarships is too stiff.

The truth: If you look hard enough, you can find easy scholarships requiring your specific talents or ideas. Not all are aimed at the student with the best high school GPA or the most community service hours.

Myth #3: Only the best students receive undergraduate scholarships.

The truth: Scholarships tend to honor those of specific majors and interests, as many universities offer full rides to students who have performed outstandingly in high school.

Myth #4: I’m a good student, so the scholarship offers will come to me.

The truth: This one is simple: If you don’t put forth the effort, you won’t reap the benefits. Scholarship agencies don’t search for students. They only look at applicants.

Myth #5: Applying for a loan will lessen my chances of getting a scholarship.

The truth: Every school is different, but most offer scholarships before loans can be taken out. And even if they don’t, necessary loans should not affect scholarship amounts.

Myth #6: Student scholarships require sensational talent.

The truth: As you’ve seen above, this just isn’t true. Many easy scholarships are random and based on luck, while others require simple essays about why you deserve the money.

Tips for Applying for Easy College Scholarships

While the scholarships on our list all have pretty simple application processes, we’ve still come up with a few tips that can help things run even smoother:

Use a separate, dedicated email
Take advantage of form fillers
Set up a schedule for repeating opportunities
Fill out the forms correctly

Set up a Dedicated Email Account for Easy Scholarships

Many scholarship opportunities also exist as part of a company’s marketing efforts. So unless you want your regular inbox full of all sorts of new emails, create a dedicated email address just for applying for scholarships.

This can also help you keep track of when you last applied since some scholarship contests can be entered monthly.

Just be sure to check your scholarship email often since you don’t want to miss that all-important email letting you know you’re a winner!

Use an Automatic Form-Filler

Many of the scholarships on the list consist of simple forms to input your name, address, phone number, and other personal information. Setting all this data up in a form filler like Roboform can keep you from having to type the same thing repeatedly. All you will need to do is click a button, and the form will fill itself out instantly.

Just be aware that in some cases, form fillers are not permitted. Always check the rules and requirements if you are not sure.

Keep Track of Repeating Scholarships

While some scholarships are only offered once a year, many of the easy application scholarships on our list are offered twice a year, quarterly, monthly, and even weekly.

So ensure you give yourself the best chance at scoring some cash for college, keep a running list of the date you applied for specific scholarships, and a reminder of when you are eligible to apply again. A simple lined notebook can do the trick.

Be Accurate and Thorough

Don’t make the mistake of flying through the internet forms for these scholarships just because they are easy. It will still take a little thought and effort to do it right. Instead, make sure you complete each field with the requested information and double-check your answers for accuracy.

If you have to write a brief essay, put as much effort into your work as you would with a more extended, more competitive scholarship opportunity.

Easy Scholarships

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