20 Best Online Degree Programs For High Paying Jobs

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In today’s world, there are fewer barriers to higher education than ever before. Students can now earn a fast online degree from some of the country’s top-tier universities. Completing your studies from anywhere in the world and getting a degree from a well-respected school is a compelling concept. But pursuing a degree that can help you land a six-figure career is downright thrilling. In this article, we’ll present 20 of the best online degree programs for high-paying jobs.

CareerAverage Annual Salary
Solar Technology Installer$74,819
Physician Assistant$127,400
Nurse Practitioner$111,680
Software Developer$110,140
Genetic Counselor$85,700
Information Security Analyst$103,590
Physical Therapist$91,010
Occupational Therapist$86,280
Health Services Manager$104,280
Management Analyst$87,660
Financial Manager$134,180
Speech-Language Pathologist$80,480
Operations Manager$103,650
Marketing Manager$142,170
Human Resources Manager$121,220
Project Manager$77,420
Industrial and Organizational Psychologist$96,270
Engineering Manager$149,530

Lucrative Online Degrees—Affordable and Flexible

With online degree programs, students with limited time and resources may find that getting a college education is now within their reach. For starters, these programs are often much more affordable. Plus, they are typically designed with busy, working students in mind, so they have a high degree of flexibility. 

For example, there are several types of online degree programs available. Some will have coursework that you can complete entirely online. Other schools offer hybrid programs where students complete most of their studies online but may occasionally visit the campus. 

Some schools have synchronous learning programs, where distance education happens in real-time and classes take place on a set schedule. Other schools offer asynchronous programs, with pre-recorded lectures and lessons that students finish in their own time. 

Whether you are a first-time student working on your bachelor’s degree or an experienced employee receiving ongoing training in the form of a master’s degree, the online programs of today have opened up possibilities unheard of in the past. 

More Online Degree Choices Than Ever Before

The COVID pandemic also shifted the focus to remote learning over the past two years. As a result, colleges and universities had to adapt, and the result has been a massive increase in the number of students taking at least one online college course. This demand will continue to increase as more classes and programs are offered online, allowing more people to earn their college degrees. 

There is also a marked increase in the variety of disciplines offered via online courses, so if you’re looking for a lucrative career, you now have more options than you did just a few years back. For example, you can now get an online degree in traditionally high-paying disciplines like engineering, healthcare, technology, and business that can translate into real-world positions after graduation. 

The following is a list of 20 high-paying careers you can pursue with an online degree. Most offer salaries in the six-figure range, especially after an employee has gained real-world experience in the designated field. Each position is explained in detail, with the online degree path available for students. 


Solar Technology Installer

Median Salary


Degree Type


As solar technology continues to improve and get into the homes of more Americans, people who know how to install this equipment are in high demand. It seems that every neighborhood has more homes that rely on solar power. This growing need leads to more students considering the prospect of a job in the solar power industry.

Solar technology installers are needed to assemble and install the systems, and they are also required to maintain this new technology. Students who pursue this path of study can expect to earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees through online programs.

Since the technology is still evolving there are many opportunities in the sustainable energy industries. Average salaries for installers start near $62,000 per year, but top installers can easily earn six figures annually. An online degree in sustainable and renewable engineering allows a student to enter the field with the knowledge necessary to become a solar technology installer. The growing sustainable energy industry will provide increased opportunities for solar technology installers, who can also earn professional certifications to enhance their job prospects.

Living in a solar-friendly state will also offer better chances of being hired, so research is necessary to find the areas where sustainable energy is making an impact. Like other professions, networking is also a key communication skill in this newer industry; jobs can often be found through the close network of solar technology installers nationwide. With the availability of online education, it is now easier to become a certified solar technology installer. 

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Physician Assistant

Median Salary


Degree Type

Physician Assistant

The health care industry has long been a reliable source of jobs. The physician assistant is one member of a health care team, providing a wide variety of medical services with a group of doctors and nurses.

Getting an online degree to begin a career as a physician assistant is typically done through an accredited college offering graduate courses. Most physician assistant programs are three academic years, with more than 2,000 hours of clinical rotations. Each state requires a physician assistant to be licensed as well.

With health care jobs continuing to be in high demand, there are many opportunities to earn well. The average annual salary for a physician assistant is over $120,000. A physician assistant will diagnose a patient, prescribe medications, and develop and maintain a patient care program. They may practice in hospitals, health care facilities, and many other settings, and offer therapeutic services.

Physician assistants are rigorously trained and educated in general medicine and most states currently require a physician assistant to work with a specific physician in order to practice. They must also complete 100 hours of ongoing medical education every two years and be recertified every 10 years, thus ensuring they are up to date with the latest technological and medical advances and that their patients are receiving the proper care.

Since they practice in all fields of medicine, physician assistants can find jobs in other industries such as sports medicine or corporate psychology, and many begin their careers as registered nurses, EMTs, and paramedics

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a high-paying career as a physician’s assistant include:


Nurse Practitioner

Median Salary


Degree Type


Most people are familiar with the nurse practitioner. They typically receive more advanced training than registered nurses and they perform many of the same functions done by primary physicians. Quite often, the nurse practitioner can examine, diagnose, and treat medical problems as well as prescribe medication to patients. Nurse practitioners may specialize or they may work in general practice and they typically offer more care for patients than registered nurses. 

Online programs require a nurse practitioner to complete their master’s or doctoral degrees and a national certification is required in order to practice as a nurse practitioner. Like other jobs in the health care field, there is a good amount of growth, with a median annual salary that is over $111,000.

Because of their close experience with patients, nurse practitioners are often qualified to perform physician duties. From hospitals and nursing homes to other health care and medical facilities, nurse practitioners diagnose and treat patients. There are several specialties that nurse practitioners can focus on, including general medicine, anesthesiology, gerontology, psychiatry, and family medicine. The rigorous training they receive during their education is the foundation for their practice, and nurse practitioners will continue to receive education and training to keep up with the latest advances in medicine, technology, and best practices. Nurse practitioners may also participate in research to contribute to the improvement of the field. Overall, the nurse practitioner emphasizes the well-being of their patients and offers education and treatments that can help lower the costs of patient care. 

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a lucrative career as a nurse practitioner include:



Median Salary


Degree Type


More industries implement the use and analysis of collected data, from technology companies to your favorite hometown sports team. Statisticians collect and analyze data in order for their companies to use data in the most effective way possible. Most private and public sector entry-level positions require a master’s degree in statistics; these degrees are increasingly being offered through online universities. Starting salaries are typically over $90,000 per year.

Statisticians use their skills to help their employers achieve their goals as well as improve their processes and procedures. Business opportunities for statisticians include designing surveys, questionnaires, and other methods of data collection. After gathering the data, they must also be able to analyze it in a way that can be used most effectively for the organization.

Statisticians work in many industries, from state and federal government to health care and Fortune 500 companies. They are also employed in the research and development departments of many organizations. The jobs are as varied as the industries themselves; for example, a statistician can work in a hospital as a biometrician to determine the sources of an epidemic outbreak of an illness. They might also work for the federal government to develop statistical models of the latest census findings, working to find solutions for areas of high crime or unemployment, or determining wages for a particular segment of the population. 

Work in this area can be rewarding. Statisticians can see how companies and organizations change and improve on the results of the data they process.

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a great-paying career as a statistician include:


Software Developer

Median Salary


Degree Type

Computer Science

The state of software is constantly evolving. From mobile applications to institution-wide implementations, there is a need for talented programmers who can adapt to the changing technological landscape. Software developers create code for new software programs, updates for existing software, and maintenance of current programs.

For most software developers, an online degree in computer science is the best way into the field. Companies value the experience that comes with working on live projects, so a degree, as well as strong field experience, will help most students make the transition into the working world. The median annual salary is over $100,000. Most employers seek candidates who have practical experience as well as their degree, so an internship or work experience is the best way to prepare for the job market.

Having the experience of writing code for a project and understanding the fundamentals of computer programming are essential to becoming a software developer. Software developers’ work is seen everywhere in today’s world, from calendar apps to social media, thus requiring the ability to be creative and a problem-solver. Most of all, a software developer must be technically proficient and able to turn an innovative idea into a functioning piece of software. They must also have the ability to work uninterrupted for hours, testing and debugging software, while also being able to work and collaborate with others during the development process. Working with other developers, managers, and clients is an essential skill in producing software; these skills can be enhanced with the proper online degree. 

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a high-paying career as a software developer include:



Median Salary


Degree Type


Like the statistician, the mathematician has the opportunity to work primarily with data and numbers. Companies hire mathematicians to analyze data, but also to create formulas and math models that can help future decisions be made according to improved logical reasoning.

Accredited online math degrees are useful for becoming a mathematician, and most students go on to complete their master’s degree as well. A specialization in statistics can help a mathematician be more marketable to prospective employers. Starting salaries for mathematicians are typically over $90,000 per year.

While there are other opportunities to teach math at all grade levels, there are several paths available to qualified mathematicians, including financial analysts, system analysts, and data analysts. With the advent of technology, analyst positions in most fields can be filled by mathematicians who use their knowledge of math models and theories to conduct research and solve problems for an institution.

As more data is stored digitally, mathematicians can be used to analyze this data and also collaborate with information security analysts to help protect a company’s (and their clients’) valuable data. They can also determine better practices for the storage and security of this data. Like other jobs, a mathematician can increase their chances of being hired by studying and gaining experience in non-math fields, such as computer science or economics. These mathematicians can apply their knowledge of math in other fields, thus helping an organization reach its goals and also expanding the different ways that a mathematician can contribute to the organization.

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Genetic Counselor

Median Salary


Degree Type


Students who major in science have the option of delving into the growing field of genetic research. As a genetic counselor, you will assist patients to understand their medical histories. By examining a patient’s genetic makeup, blood work, and their family’s genetic histories, a genetic counselor can come up with a more complete picture of the risks a patient faces. From genetic disorders to higher risks of certain medical conditions, the genetic counselor can help patients understand their choices for both present and future risks.

Genetic counselors usually earn their master’s degree before entering the field, where annual salaries average over $80,000 per year. While most genetic counselors work in a clinic or hospital in conjunction with doctors, they may also provide other care such as prenatal, pediatric, cardiovascular, neurology, and other areas. Some genetic counselors do more research, providing the basis for future advances and patient care.

In addition to having the science background from their education and previous work experiences, genetic counselors are also schooled in counseling and can inform and guide their patients. For example, they may explain the patient’s history of family disease that may affect them and clearly explain the choices available to them. Because their care is often related to their background and history, patients must rely on the genetic counselor’s ability to explain the inherent risks and rewards in each choice. They must also understand what tests may not be right for them and what the results of certain tests may mean to their health, both present and future. 


Information Security Analyst

Median Salary


Degree Type

Information Security

With the growing number of cyberattacks, online security is of the utmost importance for both public and private sector companies. The information security analyst is responsible for protecting the institution, using various forms of security to guard against breaches and other types of attacks.

Online degrees are available in the specialties of information systems and cybersecurity, along with the more traditional degrees in computer science and programming. Information security analysts perform routine maintenance of their organization’s security system and must stay up to date on the latest online threats and security measures. The analyst must be vigilant against new attacks that hackers and other nefarious organizations may launch at any given moment. With a large amount of valuable data available online and the many methods of extracting that data, information security analysts must be able to find solutions quickly to any breaches of security.

Most information security analyst positions earn at least six figures annually. Companies are more than willing to pay these salaries since they find the protection of their data, as well as their clients’ data, to be a vital feature of their business. The information security analyst will also continue their education while working in the field, due to the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats and attacks. They may earn certifications to combat different types of aptitude and expertise, from software risks to network administration security. As both national, political, and private interests grow reliant on their online security, the demand for information security analysts will continue to grow. 

Students interested in information security may also be interested in pursuing programs that lead to leadership roles, such as an information systems master of management online.

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a lucrative career as an information security analyst include:


Physical Therapist

Median Salary


Degree Type

Health Science

After an injury or surgery, patients often face physical rehabilitation in order to get back to being 100 percent healthy. The physical therapist is assigned to carry out the patient’s rehabilitation program, which consists of exercises and other treatment techniques to improve mobility, strength, and comfort level. They provide hands-on care and education to their patients for long-term benefits as well as developing programs for those who already lead an active lifestyle. They can also implement care programs for patients that will prevent the loss of future mobility. In order to begin working as a physical therapist, many students begin with an online bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences before earning a graduate-level degree such as the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT).

After getting their degree, they are required to be certified by their state and then complete a residency or fellowship before starting their job, where they typically average over $90,000 per year. Physical therapists often work in hospitals, but they can also practice in outpatient facilities, skilled nursing facilities, private homes, fitness centers, private homes, research centers, hospices, and other locations.

There are over 200,000 licensed physical therapists in the United States, with over 250 accredited professional physical therapist programs supported by 200 colleges, many with online components for students. As the population ages and grows, the demand for physical therapists will continue and their salaries and benefits will remain strong for students who enter the field. Online programs provide ample opportunities for students to enter this field. 

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a great-paying role as a physical therapist include:


Occupational Therapist

Median Salary


Degree Type

Occupational Therapy

If a patient needs assistance with daily activities or tasks such as eating, writing, or bathing, an occupational therapist can provide the necessary services to improve the patient’s general well being. The occupational therapist will assess a patient’s needs and create a plan to address a patient’s abilities and set goals for the patient. In order for a student to become an occupational therapist, they must typically earn a master’s degree in occupational therapy before entering the field, where they can expect to earn over $85,000 annually.

Whether a patient needs to improve their health for school, work, and/or home, the occupational therapist can make a difference. They will specialize in different types of care and rehabilitation, from young children to middle-agers to senior citizens, offering a treatment plan that will line up with the patient’s and doctor’s goals and expectations. They can assist in daily tasks, organize medications to provide the most effective relief and pain management, address behaviors in children, work on fine motor skills for those recovering from accidents, and much more.

As an occupational therapist, you may work in a hospital, rehab center, assisted living home, industrial workplace, or another facility. While physical therapists focus on a patient’s ability to do certain movements of the body, the occupational therapist focuses on the patient’s ability to perform daily tasks at home, work, or school. It is a more whole view of the patient and how their disability can be addressed through education, rehabilitation, and treatment.

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a great-paying role as a occupational therapist include:


Health Services Manager

Median Salary


Degree Type

Health Care Management

As seen in the other positions in this list, the healthcare profession has many opportunities for well-paying jobs. A health services manager is another position with high earning potential, with an average salary of over $100,000 per year. Students considering this career path often earn a master’s degree in health care management, which is offered online through many colleges.

The health care management degree covers several disciplines since the manager will be in a leadership position and must be able to analyze and collaborate with many other departments. Whether the health services manager leads one department of a health organization or the entire institution itself, they’ll need the knowledge gained through their interdisciplinary degree. Accounting, law, ethics, and human resources are all integral parts of the master’s degree in health services. A quality online program will contain all of these disciplines and more, preparing students to become tomorrow’s leaders in the health care industry. With a complete education providing a more rounded perspective for these top executives, they will be better equipped to handle the challenges set forth in the field.

Typically, a health services manager will have started their career in other positions in a health care facility or organization, gathering knowledge and experience as they work their way up. With their experience and education, the health services manager is able to leverage their leadership skills with their business skills to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of their health care facility. Hiring capable employees, communicating with other leaders in the organization, and managing the day-to-day operations are just a few of the responsibilities of a health services manager.

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a lucrative career as a health services manager include:


Management Analyst

Median Salary


Degree Type


Also known as a management consultant, the management analyst is responsible for determining ways for an organization to reduce costs, improve revenue, streamline processes and procedures, and ensure that the institution is as efficient and profitable as possible. Students in business administration, finance, or accounting can usually earn their bachelor’s degrees online before moving on to their master’s degrees and expect a median salary of over $85,000. Typically working in a consulting position, the management analyst examines an organization in its entirety. They determine inefficiencies that can be improved or eliminated and offer suggestions to maximize growth.

The management analyst will use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills before offering a plan for a company’s improvement. They must also have strong interpersonal skills and be able to communicate effectively since they will be meeting with various members of an institution, including the leaders and management of different departments.

Being flexible and having the ability to adapt to new environments are two characteristics that most management analysts share as well; not all companies operate the same, so the management analyst will often come into situations that require a new perspective or line of thought in order to determine a solution for their clients. There are many online programs that offer a master’s in business administration, which will provide the foundation for a management analyst who is new to the field. Quite often management analysts will start their careers in other aspects of business and gain experience and specialized skills before turning to a consulting position.

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a lucrative career as a management consultant include:


Financial Manager

Median Salary


Degree Type


One of the most important positions in any organization is the financial manager since they are responsible for the fiscal well being of a company. Due to their importance, the financial manager usually earns an average salary of $130,000 annually.

The financial manager oversees its team that will peruse the fine print of everything the company does financially. They must ensure that the institution complies with any local, state, and federal laws and regulations pertaining to its business practices. The financial management team will work with its accounting department to coordinate and generate financial reports, cash-flow statements, projected profits, and other fiscal reports.

While the financial manager and their team work primarily with numbers, the importance of communication cannot be understated. The financial manager is responsible for interpreting complex financial reports and being able to communicate the contents effectively to other members of management and the organization as a whole. Most financial managers earn their bachelor’s degrees in accounting, business administration, economics, or finance, and many also obtain their master’s degrees in business administration.

Typically, a financial manager begins their career in other parts of an organization and gain experience as they climb the corporate ladder, eventually using the knowledge from their day-to-day experiences to inform their analysis and decision-making as a financial manager. Due to the evolving and complicated laws of finance, technological advances, and organizational demands, a financial manager is often required to continue their education through regular sessions of financial management training along with interpersonal management skills training.

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a high-paying role as a financial manager include:


Speech-Language Pathologist

Median Salary


Degree Type

Speech-Language Pathology

A speech-language pathologist works to assess, diagnose, and treat speech and language issues by children and adults. Many speech-language pathologists work for school districts and health care facilities. There are accredited online master’s degree programs for speech-language pathology and most states require licensing for therapists to practice.

As more schools have begun offering speech-language services to students, the demand for speech-language pathologists has increased. The speech-language pathologist will typically assess, diagnose, and recommend speech-language services for students in need, such as those who have issues with producing the correct sounds for speech and language, or those who have difficulties in comprehension and understanding. Likewise, written language difficulties and verbal and non-verbal communication issues may be addressed by the speech-language pathologist. As more schools begin to offer these services, disorders in younger students can be treated earlier, thus improving their quality of education in their later years. There may also be social communication disorders or even feeding and swallowing disorders that the speech-language pathologist can address and diagnose.

Working with professionals from other fields such as audiologists, physicians, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, and teachers, the speech-language pathologist can offer their patients the best possible care and treatment plan. Patients who have suffered a brain injury or dealing with dementia can benefit from speech-language therapy. Licensed speech-language pathologists typically earn over $75,000 per year and, in addition to working in the field, they may engage in research and studies that improve practices and treatments that become the standards in the industry. 

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Operations Manager

Median Salary


Degree Type

Operations Management/Logistics

Earning a bachelor’s degree in operations management or logistics can lead to a potentially lucrative career as an operations manager. Also known as the chief operating officer, or COO, the operations manager is responsible for high-level decisions in regards to human resources and organizational policies and procedures.

An operational manager typically has a big-picture perspective of their company, overseeing several departments in order to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency while maintaining low costs. They will collaborate and manage other leaders in many departments in order to achieve organizational goals.

Critical thinking and analytical skills are key to an operation manager’s success since they must be able to put the company’s well being first and foremost above any department’s or individual’s interests. Thus, an operations manager must be able to resolve conflicts that may arise between competing departments; for example, overseeing financial information and budgets may complicate the hiring of staff and interrupt normal workflow. Likewise, as the business grows, so does the operation manager’s responsibilities and their ability to hire quality personnel is tantamount to succeeding as a company.

Human resources must understand the directions of the operations manager, who will likely determine the type of culture exhibited in the daily work environment. The day-to-day operations of an institution fall under the watch of the operations manager and they must be able to handle challenges immediately while also planning for an organization’s future well being. Because they are a crucial factor to an organization’s success, operations managers command six-figure annual salaries.

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a high-paying role as an operations manager include:


Marketing Manager

Median Salary


Degree Type


An online bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, economics, or communications is what most marketing managers have earned before they stepped into their lucrative positions, which have a median salary of over $140,000 per year. Likewise, a degree in computer science has become another way to get into the field of marketing due to the increased use of digital marketing.

Marketing managers are responsible for a firm’s marketing department, which work to create and deliver messages about the company to potential customers and clients. The marketing manager will hire personnel, craft a unique company vision, plan, budget, and track their results. As the market for goods and services continues to be competitive in most industries, it is vital for an organization’s marketing manager to be successful. Positive relationships with customers and clients can be forged through successful marketing. The overall vision of a company can be effectively transmitted through the marketing manager, who will work with a variety of departments of mediums to communicate with the public. From print materials to social media, person-to-person interactions to company newsletters, the marketing manager oversees entire campaigns designed to increase the organization’s good standing with the public and clients.

The diversity of tasks and responsibilities can be attractive to those who enjoy multitasking and working with various departments. They build teams within their organization, who then attempt to lead the company to improved revenues and profits through their marketing designs. By creating value for clients, the marketing manager and their team ensures a company’s sustainability in competitive markets.

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a high-paying role as a marketing manager include: 


Human Resources Manager

Median Salary


Degree Type

Human Resources Management

The human resources manager oversees employees of a company and must be proficient in the training, compensation, recruitment, and relations of employees. Most online programs offer a path to human resource management, through bachelor’s degrees in human resource management or business administration with a concentration in human resources, organizational behavior, management and leadership, or industrial relations. Likewise, many online programs offer master’s degrees in these disciplines, which can lead to better job prospects.

A human resource manager provides a variety of services to an organization and is responsible for the hiring, development, and evaluation of all employees. They must be able to plan and organize the company’s hiring goals and objectives as well as implement a compensation system; this includes wages and employee benefits. A human resource manager will make recommendations to management regarding the hiring of all personnel and they will ensure that employees are being productive. In addition to having the educational foundation for being a human resources manager, they must also have excellent decision-making and leadership skills and an ability to communicate effectively with various employees of the organization. Due to the adoption of many complex laws and regulations in regards to employees, the human resources manager must be up to date in the field’s most recent changes; therefore, continuing education and training is a necessity.

No matter what industry a human resources manager works in, they can be a tremendous asset for a company. Average salaries for human resources managers are in the six figures because of their expertise in an institution’s most important asset: its employees. 

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a lucrative career as a human resources manager include: 


Project Manager

Median Salary


Degree Type

Project Management

There are many online programs that offer degrees and certifications in project management, from a bachelor’s degree in business administration to a master’s degree in project management. There are also several certifications in project management available through web-based programs. Salaries for a project manager are typically above $75,000 annually for this position that can be both rewarding and challenging. A project manager must have stellar organizational skills and a good understanding of the project they are working on as well as the goals of the institution as a whole. Most importantly, they must be able to work in dynamic environments and see both the big picture and the smaller, minute details that can improve or derail any project.

The project manager is responsible for delivering projects on time and within budget, so problem-solving and interpersonal skills are of utmost importance. Since many projects can fall behind schedule, it is up to the project manager to find ways to motivate employees through their leadership skills and collaborate with other departments to ensure the project’s success. They must be flexible enough to understand that one approach or method to a project won’t always be the right fit for other projects.

Through their education and experience, a project manager can assemble the right team that delivers on time and within budget, and they can also adapt to changing market or workplace conditions as needed. An organization in any industry benefits from competent project managers who can manage the day-to-day details while also handling future plans.

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a lucrative career as a project manager include: 


Industrial and Organizational Psychologist

Median Salary


Degree Type


Many companies are turning to industrial and organizational psychologists to assess a company’s organizational and workplace settings. An industrial and organizational psychologist focuses their research on a company’s employee assessment procedures, leadership development, a balance between work and life, compensation, and other factors that influence employees’ interactions with each other. Through quantitative research from the field of psychology, an industrial and organizational psychologist can suggest better company practices and implement changes that allow employees to be more productive in the workplace.

Typically, industrial and organizational psychologists work as consultants to a firm while also working in research or at an academic institution. To become an industrial and organizational psychologist, students typically earn a master’s degree in psychology, which can be obtained online. The highest-paying fields for psychologists are within the management, scientific, and technical industries, which offer median salaries of $90,000 annually.

Using their psychology background, industrial and organizational psychologists can examine and analyze the behavior of an organization’s employees. With support from management, the psychologist can apply principles that improve employee performance, safety, communication, and satisfaction. They can trace problems back to the methods used to screen and select applicants, refine procedures used in daily work situations, or identify issues that may influence problematic employee behavior. They may recommend training programs, establish new procedures, or create feedback systems for better management and employee communication. Successful industrial and organizational psychologists will be able to make sound judgments and recommendations based on the data they’ve gathered and analyzed, with an eye on the organization’s vision and goals.

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a high-paying role as an industrial and organizational psychologist include:


Engineering Manager



Degree Type

Industrial Management

There are several areas that engineers can specialize in, including electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, and more. An engineering manager is responsible for a company’s engineering department and will hire, supervise, budget, set goals, and maintain a team of engineers. After earning a bachelor’s degree online in engineering, a student will typically join a firm as an engineer to gain field experience before embarking on an online program in engineering management, possibly earning over $140,000per year.

Industry growth in various fields can increase the demand for engineering managers such as civil engineering firms that oversee large construction projects like buildings, roads, and other infrastructure. Likewise, the deterioration of older buildings, roads, and infrastructure requires civil engineering firms to maintain and replace them. An engineering manager will hire and supervise engineers on their team, giving them clear instructions and a plan for project construction. Because of the nature of engineering work, communication is key. An engineering manager must communicate project goals and expectations clearly, in order for projects to be completed on time and within a budget, and also to meet any local, state, and federal laws and regulations. They must also be able to give their team the proper guidance at certain moments of a project while also allowing them the space to problem solve and troubleshoot unexpected situations. Likewise, the engineering manager must be able to determine when the team is underperforming before deadlines or milestones are missed. They must be able to make decisions that push the project forward to completion while also maintaining a safe work environment. 

Some online degree programs to look into if you want to pursue a high-paying role in engineering management include:

Closing Thoughts on the Top 20 Most Lucrative Online Degrees

With the advent of online college-level classes and Internet-based graduate degrees, the ability for students to access quality education has increased, along with the demand for these courses. The rise in popularity of receiving an online education can be attributed to its lower cost, easier accessibility due to transportation issues, and its flexibility in scheduling. Students from around the world from a myriad of socioeconomic backgrounds now have the ability to take undergraduate and graduate-level courses with ease, allowing them to receive the training necessary for a multitude of different positions in the working world. 

Likewise, colleges and universities have responded to this demand by offering more of their courses online. The real-world classroom is no longer the only place to receive a quality education. As Internet access increases, so does the demand for online education and with it, the availability of a more educated workforce. Thus, many companies, both big and small, have accepted the online degrees earned by their applicants. Demand for high-paying positions will continue to rise as entry-level workers benefit from online education. Likewise, managers who receive ongoing training and education via online programs will compete for even higher-paying positions. 

As seen in this list of 20 high-paying jobs you can purse with an online degree, there are very few limits to what an individual can achieve with their education and hard work. This list is not exhaustive, either; with the job market constantly evolving due to advances in technology and the creation of new industries, there will be new opportunities in the future that may not currently exist. However, with a quality education, workers can be assured that the skills they have developed in one industry can be transferred to a new industry. While one online degree may be specialized in one field, the analytical and communication skills one learns while on the job can be utilized in other fields. 

No matter which career path you ultimately choose, the fact remains that education forms the foundation of your work life. The habits you form during your schooling can enable you to succeed in seemingly any field of study or work. While health care, business, and technology have continued to see high demand for applicants, other fields such as criminal justice and cybersecurity have also seen the need for more educated and experienced applicants. Human resource departments may recruit from non-traditional backgrounds in order to bring new perspectives to open positions. They include education as one criterion amongst many when it comes to determining the best potential applicant for a job. 

Your growth potential in any industry will not be limited by whether your degree was earned online or not. The manner in which you leverage your education with the experience you gain on the job will allow you to compete for the highest-paying positions. As shown with these 20 jobs, quite often the candidate with an online degree can become a big earner, thanks to their work ethic and communication skills. From in-person networking to ongoing online education, today’s workers have a great number of tools that can help land them a high-paying job. 

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