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A Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Psychology can help prepare you for a number of jobs, including counseling roles, lab technician jobs, marketing jobs, entrepreneurship, or even a stepping stone to grad school. While a B.A. in Psychology is the most popular route for students seeking jobs immediately after graduation, or if they are preparing for professional masters programs in therapy or counseling. However, students interested in a more science-oriented degree program often pursue the B.S. in Psychology. This degree prepares them for further study in a research psychology graduate program, medical school, or a health-related graduate program.

There are hundreds of college offering traditional programs in psychology around the United States. However, not everyone wants to learn on-campus. For those who need more flexibility, such as working around family and work, an online psychology degree program makes sense. Most online colleges are designed with the working adult in mind, meaning they are flexible. Students pursuing an online psychology program can finish their coursework and assignments at a time most convenient to them.

Still, there are several online psychology programs to pick from. The top psychology schools for online study are ranked based on their accreditation, program selection, faculty strength, the range of courses offered, and reputation. Here are the top 30 online psychology programs, based on those criteria. We also consulted our ranking of the top 100 best online colleges while researching top psychology schools for this ranking.

#1 – Penn State World Campus

Location: State College, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $6,506 per semester
School Profile

Penn State World Campus, or Penn State Online, offers an online Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. The program aims to provide a foundation in social sciences, humanities, and arts to prepare students for social work or caregiving careers. The degree consists of 123 credits, including 50 credits required for the major. Classes are offered in an asynchronous format and students can complete an optional internship to prepare them for work after their degree.

#2 – University of Florida

Location: Gainesville, Florida
Tuition: $3,876 in state, $16,580 out of state

The University of Florida’s online Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology requires that students receive a liberal arts education along with their psychology coursework. Students study social science, natural perspectives, biology, statistics, mathematics, and psychology. In order to graduate, students must complete 120 credits including 30 credits in psychology classes.

#3 – Arizona State University Online

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Tuition: $490 per credit hour

Arizona State University Online offers psychology programs that lead to a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students learn criminal justice, social services, critical thinking skills, and qualitative and quantitative research. Both programs require 120 credits for graduation, including a general studies core and required psychology-related classes.

#4 – Northeastern University

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Tuition: $378 per credit hour

Northeastern University’s online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program combines core courses as well as critical thinking and communication schools to create a well-rounded education background. Students must complete 160 credits to earn their Bachelors in Psychology. NU offers four starting dates each year, meaning students can be flexible with enrollment.

#5 – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tuition: $4,045.56 in state, $9,132.48 out of state per semester, plus $275 online fee per 3-credit class

Students earning their online Bachelors in Psychology from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee must complete 120 credit hours for graduation, including 31 credits in their major. Major courses include Psychological Statistics, Research Methods in Psychology, Personality, Child Psychology, Introduction to Conditioning and Learning, and Social Psychology: Psychological Perspectives. The degree program features laboratory classes adapted for online learning.

#6 – Oregon State University Ecampus

Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Tuition: $280 per credit
School Profile
Oregon State University Ecampus offers more than 200 programs leading to various degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Both degrees focus on scientific methodology, critical and creative thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. The degree consists of 180 credits and includes classes like Cognition, Health Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Brain and Behavior.

#7 – Colorado State University OnlinePlus

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Tuition: $419 per credit
School Profile
Colorado State University OnlinePlus offers a degree completion program leading to a Bachelors in Psychology. The program requires 120 credits, some of which must be transfer credits. Students study a well-rounded curriculum with courses in liberal arts and science. Skills include communication, analytical, and critical-thinking skills.

#8 – University of Houston Distance Education

Location: Houston, Texas
Tuition: $305-325 in state, $795-815 out of state per credit

The University of Houston offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online degree completion program. The coursework includes studies of the behavioral influences of genetics, biology, culture, and society. All of the program’s upper-division classes are available online.

#9 – Washington State University Global Campus

Location: Pullman, Washington
Tuition: $5,434 in state, $5,693 out of state
School Profile

Washington State University offers a Bachelor of Science online degree program. Students in the program gain a comprehensive understanding of scientific methods and basic psychology. Classes include Elementary Statistics in Psychology, Cognition and Memory, Psychology of Aging, and Behavior Disorders of Children and Adolescents. The program can be completed 100 percent online.

#10 – Drexel University

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $457 per credit

Drexel University offers an online psychology program that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. Students explore a range of methods, issues, and topics in psychology. Students can earn their degree completely online and can pick from taking one course per quarter or a full-time course load of 12 credits. Students must complete 182 quarter credits to earn their Bachelors in Psychology.

#11 – University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Location: Lowell, Massachusetts
Tuition: $370 per credit hour
School Profile

UMass Lowell offers an online Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology aimed at providing instruction in developmental, experimental, social, clinical, and personality psychology. The program is offered 100 percent online and students can complete it on a part-time or full-time basis. The program requires 120 credits, as well as a seminar.

#12 – DePaul University

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Tuition: $585 per credit hour

DePaul University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is offered to students who are transferring from another school and have already met specific degree requirements and prerequisites. Students must complete 192 quarter-credit hours to earn the degree and can pick from two concentrations – the Standard BA Concentration and the Human Development BA Concentration.

#13 – University of North Dakota

Location: Grand Forks, North Dakota
Tuition: $331.85 per credit
School Profile

The University of North Dakota offers online Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology. The programs cover the principles and theories of behavior, and human development. Students can complete their 125-credit programs in four or more year. The university offers virtual classrooms with live web discussions and weekly deadlines. Students can complete an emphasis in Psychology of Human Development, Biology and Physiological Psychology, Psychology of Education and Learning, Clinical Science, or Social and Cultural Psychology.

#14 – University of Central Florida

Location: Orlando, Florida
Tuition: $123.07 per credit hour

The University of Central Florida offers an online Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree program. The coursework focuses on psychology terminology, physiological psychology, research methods, and history and systems. In order to complete the online Psychology program, students must go through general education requirements, as well as foreign language, science, and statistics classes.

#15 – Robert Morris University

Location: Moon, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $710 per credit

Robert Morris University offers a completely online Bachelors in Psychology program. Students must earn 120 credits in order to graduate and need to complete courses like Methods in Behavioral Research, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology. Classes are offered in an eight-week format, with six start dates per year. There is no requirement for students to log in at a specific time of day, though they must participate in class activities five days per week.

#16 – Old Dominion University

Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Tuition: $316 in state, $874 out of state per credit

Old Dominion University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The program is offered in a degree completion format, meaning students must complete about 60 credits of coursework at a different school before they apply to Old Dominion. Including those 60 hours, students must have 120 credits in order to graduate.

#17 – Florida International University

Location: Miami, Florida
Tuition: $215.94 in state, $333 out of state per credit hour

Florida International University offers a fully online Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Graduates are prepared for careers as education specialists, case managers, school counselors, rehabilitation specialists, and more. The online degree requires 120 credit hours and includes courses like Animal Cognition, Psychology of Women, Legal Psychology, Children’s Learning, and Principles and Theories of Behavior Modification.

#18 – Azusa Pacific University

Location: Azusa, California
Tuition: $400-$450 per unit

Azusa Pacific University’s University College offers an online Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Psychology. The program’s aim is to help students gain skills in general psychology while integrating a Christian worldview. Students can choose from nine emphasis areas, including Applied Pastoral Counseling, Child and Adolescent Psychology, General Psychology, Criminal Behavior, Business Psychology, Human Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Cultural Psychology, and Educational Psychology. The program requires 120 credits for completion.

#19 – Florida Institute of Technology

Location: Melbourne, Florida
Tuition: $510 per credit

Florida Institute of Technology, also called Florida Tech, offers a 100 percent online Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology. The program features a liberal arts foundation with a scientific approach to understanding human behavior. Students learn about international and sociocultural diversity, psychology processes, theoretical perspectives, and historical trends.

#20 – LeTourneau University

Location: Longview, Texas
Tuition: $450 per credit hour

LeTourneau University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree that features a faith-based curriculum emphasizing Christian counseling techniques. The program is aimed at preparing students for graduate school, along with a variety of careers like counseling, missions, and child development. The program requires 126 credits to graduate and students must also complete a senior seminar.

#21 – California Baptist University

Location: Riverside, California
Tuition: $547 per unit

California Baptist University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology incorporates general psychology and behavioral science principles, psychological theories, and critical-thinking skills. The program is designed for working adults and students often finish their degree program in as few as 16 months.

#22 – Drury University

Location: Springfield, Missouri
Tuition: $299 per credit hour

Drury University’s online psychology program offers a Bachelor of Science degree. The program is administered through the Behavioral Science Department Program at the College of Continuing Professional Studies. The psychology degree focuses on mental processes and behavior. In order to earn the degree, students must complete 25 hours of required psychology courses, along with a senior seminar and six hours of psychology electives.

#23 – Saint Leo University Online

Location: Saint Leo, Florida
Tuition: $5,640 per semester

Saint Leo University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree. The program ensures that students receive a well-rounded education with an emphasis on understanding human behavior. The program consists of 120 credits with 39 credits toward psychology core courses.

#24 – Eastern Kentucky University

Location: Richmond, Kentucky
Tuition: $400 per credit hour

Eastern Kentucky University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Psychology that emphasizes communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Students can complete the program 100 percent online. The program requires 120 credits and students must complete Introduction to Psychology, Information Literacy in Psychology, and Statistics-Research Methods. A capstone course is also required.

#25 – Ottawa University

Location: Ottawa, Kansas
Tuition: $490 per credit hour
School Profile

Ottawa University offers an online Psychology program that confers a Bachelor of Arts degree upon completion. The program’s goal is to give students a foundation in human mental, personal, intellectual, physiological, and social development. The school offers a communication concentration within the degree.

#26 – Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Location: Natchitoches, Louisiana
Tuition: $325 per credit hour

Northwestern State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree. It is the state’s first bachelor of psychology degree offered completely online. The program focuses on developing strong communication skills, while at the same time understanding ethical issues and the similarities and differences between people. The program consists of a liberal arts foundation and 48 hours of major courses, totaling in 120 credit hours.

#27 – Brescia University

Location: Owensboro, Kentucky
Tuition: $425 per credit hour

At Brescia University, students can earn an online Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. The university is a private Catholic school that enrolls more than 1200 students. Students in the psychology program gain an understanding in human development and behavior, which can lead to furthering education or a variety of careers. There are 6 starting dates throughout the year for students to get started earning their degree. The program features flexible 8-week courses and students can earn their degree in as little as two years.

#28 – Notre Dame College

Location: South Euclid, Ohio
Tuition: $450 per credit hour

The online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree at Notre Dame College teaches students to utilize basic research methods, recognize international and sociocultural diversity, and understand human behavior. Students can pick from four concentration areas: Psychology of Special Populations, Clinical and Counseling, Psychology as a Science, and Social and Organizational. The program is offered fully online and students can complete it at their own pace.

#29 – Post University

Location: Waterbury, Connecticut
Tuition: $570 per credit hour

Post University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree. The program is designed to give students insight into human behavior and how it affects everyday life. Classes are offered six times each year and students typically earn their online degree in two to three years. The program includes two concentration tracks: Organizational Studies; and Human Development, Education, and Health. A minor is also available in Forensic Psychology. The program requires 120 credits for graduation.

#30 – Lesley University

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Tuition: $445 per credit

Lesley University’s online psychology program lets students earn a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology while studying at their own pace. The program is offered in six eight-week sessions and all students must complete an internship, a lab course, and a capstone course. Students must complete 120 credits for graduation.

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