Degrees in Engineering

Engineering is a broad area of study and engineers are a big part of making the world run smoothly. Any field that has as many options as this one is one that you’ll need to research in-depth once you make your decision to enter it professionally. As daunting as that research may seem, we strive to make it easier on all students, even those who want to check out online engineering degrees. Listed below is everything we’ve created about engineering education at a distance.

Online Engineering Degrees FAQ

Our FAQ section features over 100 questions from students like you who want to earn a degree online. If you’re interested in the field of engineering, we’re sure you have plenty of questions as you’re going through your research process.

What is the difference between a computer science and a software engineering degree?

Engineering Degree Rankings

Here is where you’ll find all of our rankings that are related to the field of engineering. We’re constantly expanding the articles you’ll find here as we research more options for aspiring students that would like to earn an engineering degree online.