A lot of students would prefer to earn their degree online; whether you work, have a job, have a family, or just do better working on your own time, it’s a great option. Several reputable schools offer a bachelor’s degree in computer science entirely online where you, as a distance learning student, can earn a high quality and relevant education. There are schools all over the country that provide their degree programs entirely online, which means there is no reason why you can’t go to the perfect school for you even if it is nowhere near where you live.

Online college has been steadily growing over the past 30 years, and it’s truly no surprise. Earning a degree online offers students a more flexible, and often more affordable option to earn a degree that will help them reach their professional goals. There are online colleges with computer science headquartered all over the country. Plenty of them offer their bachelor’s degree in computer science program entirely online; that means you will never have to commute to campus for any special labs or lectures, and all of your coursework and necessary study materials are all available to you on the web and accessible to you at all times.

The most affordable online degree program for a bachelor’s in computer science is at Rasmussen College. Rasmussen is a mid sized school with an enrollment just over 13,000. Despite it being a for-profit college, the cost is incredibly low at an estimate of just $251 per credit hour. One of the great things about Rasmussen is that it takes the wonderful things about distance-learning and just makes them that much better. Students who want to earn a bachelor’s in computer science can benefit from Flex Choice offerings at this school. You will be able to mix and match self- and faculty-led courses so that you can get assistance where you need it, but not be hindered by the pacing in courses in which you’re already confident. You can accelerate your pace even more by opting for shorter course durations. You could complete your bachelor’s in computer science degree program in as little as 18 months if you take advantage of these options and keep yourself focused and motivated throughout.

Another awesome option to earn your bachelor’s in computer science entirely online is through Colorado State University’s Global Campus. Through this distance learning option, degree programs in information technology and management information systems, as well as business analytics, are offered. Students can also select more specific concentrations, to truly zero in on the skills they will need to secure the career that they truly want. Specializations currently available are in cyber security, data management and analysis, information technology management, and information technology operations. The bachelor’s degree programs require 120 credit hours; however, the estimated cost per credit hour is just $350, which is exceptionally affordable in comparison to schools that have similar programs.

Additionally, in the field of computer science, your job will often require you to have certifications from the Computing Technology Industry Association, or CompTIA. Colorado State University Global Campus offers discounted rates on these exams, which just shows their dedication to helping their students reach their academic and professional goals.

Are there online colleges with computer science degrees 100% online?