Can online bachelor’s degrees in education be completed 100% online?

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You can complete your bachelor’s of education degree entirely online. Programs at different schools will differ, in that, they will have unique requirements for each one, and some of them may require on-campus meetings. However, there are plenty of programs that are fully online, and also available in an asynchronous format. Asynchronous courses are ones that you can take at your own pace, and you will not have to sign in at specific times for any lectures on assignments, it is entirely on your schedule. One school that offers such a program is Western Governors University, which is impressive based on its flexibility and its comparatively low costs!

It is more than possible for you to get a 100% online bachelor’s degree in education, and there are many reasons that a person would want to do so. Obtaining your degree entirely online has been a possibility since the year 1994, and the number of schools offering this as an option has grown steadily since. There are innumerable benefits to getting your degree online. One of them is the flexibility that comes with it, because a lot of you are already working, or you have family obligations, you all have lives. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have the drive and desire to obtain a degree, but how do you find the time? With an asynchronous online program, you will be able to do things at your pace and around your schedule. You won’t have to log in at specific times for any lectures or assignments, you will have access to all the materials you need to get your work done, and they’re not time-limited. So regardless of whether you work third shift, or have kids to take care of, you can set aside the time that works best for you to get everything done. Western Governors University has a unique approach that will drastically lower costs for those of you who don’t mind stacking your plate. WGU, as the school is commonly called, only charges $2,890 per term. What this means is that the more classes you can take in a term, the cheaper your degree is going to be. Another perk of obtaining your bachelor’s degree in education entirely online is that online coursework is exponentially more interactive. In any career in the field of teaching, you are likely to be talking to people every single day. Online classes have active message boards, and some assignments even require you to comment on the work of other students that are taking the same courses. In a traditional setting, students seem to have a “get in, get what you need, and get out” kind of mentality. You’re less likely to talk to your peers in that kind of setting. But, with the increased interactivity of online courses, you will be more prepared when it comes to dealing with your students each day because you will have a little bit more relevant practice. You will also be spending time on your computer each day, essentially. This isn’t as much of a problem as it used to be in our very tech-focused society, but it used to be a bit of a hurdle to stay on top of relevant technology that you may encounter in your classrooms. Because you are doing your work online, you will potentially experience some of the very technology that you will implement in your teaching strategies later on. There are plenty of schools that offer 100% online bachelor’s degrees in education. Some great ones are Valley City State University (that also provides teaching endorsements), Old Dominion University, Fort Hays State University, and more!

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