Everest University was an online distance learning institution which offered career-focused degree programs with several campuses across the United States. However, Everest University is no longer enrolling students for online programs.

Everest University is now Altierus Career College

Everest University changed ownership in 2015, and it has been re-branded as Altierus Career College. Altierus is a non-profit school which grants diplomas and associate degrees. Altierus Career College has received national accreditation by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and has campuses in 4 states across the country.

  • Tampa, FloridaEverest University Online Altierus Career College
  • Norcross, Georgia
  • Houston, Texas
  • Thornton, Colorado (not currently enrolling)

Programs at Altierus are in the areas of healthcare, trades, and computer information technology. Many of the programs can be completed in under a year and most begin every five weeks. This way students don’t have to wait to get started on their new career path. Some programs may have online courses or elements, while others which are more hands-on in nature are taken completely in-person. Unlike Everest University, currently, there are no programs which are entirely online, although Altierus may expand their offerings in the future to include online programs.

Current offerings at Altierus Career College (Formerly Everest University) are:

  • Everest University Online Altierus Career CollegeDental Assistant (Diploma) 9-month program
  • Massage Therapy (Diploma) 9-month program
  • Medical Assistant (Diploma) 10-month program
  • Medical Billing and Coding (Diploma) 8-month program
  • Pharmacy Technician (Diploma) 8-month program
  • Nursing AS (Associate Degree) 24-month program
  • Surgical Technologist (Associate Degree) 24-month program
  • Electrical Construction Technician (Diploma) 9-month program
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Programs (Diploma) 9-month program
  • Computer Information Technology (Diploma) 12-month program
Everest University Online Altierus Career College

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Remembering Everest University

The following is from our original school profile page:

Everest University is a dedicated online distance learning institution which offers career-focused degree programs with several physical campuses throughout the country. Students can receive live support upon demand, which can help facilitate the advising and workforce transition process. Students can choose the pace of their coursework to work with their schedule, allowing for accelerated learning in the accredited degree programs.

everest college programs

With a focus on accounting, business, technology, and law, students can pursue degree specialties in criminal justice, accounting, business, information science, security and paralegal studies, Everest University Online provides Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels, giving students a broader set of flexibility.

Everest University is accredited by the Council for Independent Colleges and Schools and the Florida Commission for Independent Education.