TOP_MastersPrograms-management-info-systemsA Masters in Management Information Systems can help professionals gain better leadership skills, business expertise, and technical competencies. Graduates can earn high-end positions in the rapidly growing field of management information systems. Computer systems provide a vital role in meeting a company’s strategic objectives, which is why people who hold a masters degree in MIS can be essential to a company’s growth plans.

MBA in Management Information Systems programs typically cover database management systems, information systems design, managing IT projects, information management tools, and business data communications. The employment outlook for graduates is also very positive, since MIS employment growth from 2012 to 2022 is expected to rise by 15 percent.

While this degree can be vital to a promotion or better job opportunity, it’s not always easy to manage a traditional course along with work and family obligations. For this reason, many universities choose to offer an online option. Here are the 19 best online Masters in Management Information Systems programs based on the program’s quality, types of classes provided, faculty strength, and reputation.

#1 – University of Maryland

Location: College Park, Maryland
Tuition: $1,610 in state, $1,940 out of state per credit
School Profile

At University of Maryland, the Robert H. Smith School of Business offers an online Masters in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics program. The degree program includes 54 credits and students usually earn the degree in less than two years. The plan includes core business classes, electives, specialization courses, and a capstone experience. A capstone residency is also included.

#2 – New Jersey Institute of Technology

Location: Newark, New Jersey
Tuition: $1,087 per credit hour

New Jersey Institute of Technology offers an online MBA in Management Information Systems. The program offers an academic plan that targets high-level business practices. It aims to provide a well-rounded foundation in IT systems like databases, networks, and software. The program includes 48 credits. Additional credits are needed for the MIS concentration.

#3 – University of Colorado Denver

Location: Denver, Colorado
Tuition: $607 per credit

At the University of Colorado Denver, students can earn their online MBA in Information Systems with 48 credits. The program provides students with a solid foundation in business practices, along with IT systems management skills. Students begin with core business courses, then move on to electives, specialization classes, and an international business elective.

#4 – Tennessee Technological University

Location: Cookeville, Tennessee
Tuition: $622 in state, $1,328 out of state per credit

Tennessee Technological University offers a 100 percent online Masters in Management Information Systems program. The program includes 30 credit hours and courses like Strategic Marketing, Business Strategy, IT Management, and Accounting Information for Management Decisions. While core courses offer business and managerial studies, program electives develop specialized competencies.

#5 – Concordia University Wisconsin

Location: Mequon, Wisconsin
Tuition: $662 per credit

Concordia University in Wisconsin offers a completely online MBA in Management Information Systems. The program offers a robust plan of study for students who want a career managing an IT department. Students must complete 39 credit hours, including core business courses, elective classes, and a required capstone course.

#6 – Dallas Baptist University

Location: Dallas, Texas
Tuition: $747 per credit

The online MBA with a Management Information Systems concentration program at Dallas Baptist University includes 36 credit hours of business and information systems classes. The MBA core courses include Business Ethics and Corporate Finance, while the MIS specialization offers classes like Networks and Telecommunications and Systems Analysis and Design.

#7 – Widener University

Location: Chester, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $984 per credit

Widener University offers an online MBA Business Process Management concentration with a specialization in Management Information Systems program. Students must complete 33 credit hours in classes that teach business management education and information system skills. The degree prepares students for the Certified Business Process Professional certification, which is governed by the Association of Business Process Management Professionals.

#8 – Concordia University Saint Paul

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Tuition: $625 per credit

Concordia University Saint Paul offers an online MBA in Information Technology Management. The program includes core classes, as well as a faculty mentor and a managerial application portfolio. Students must complete 42 credit hours, including classes in Global Economics, Applied Business Ethics, and Managerial Finance and Accounting.

#9 – Northcentral University

Location: Prescott Valley, Arizona
Tuition: $2,550 per credit
School Profile

At Northcentral University, students can earn an online MBA in Management Information Systems. The program consists of 30 credit hours, including foundational courses, electives, and specialization courses. The program’s goal is to prepare students to work in computer systems and business management positions.

#10 – Wilmington University

Location: New Castle, Delaware
Tuition: $444 per credit hour

Wilmington University’s online Masters in Management Information Systems program combines fundamentals in communication and networking into a business model. Students must complete 36 credits for the degree. Classes include topics in Business Strategy, Quantitative Business Analysis, IT Policy and Strategy, and Data Management.

#11 – Colorado Technical University

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Tuition: $585 per credit

Colorado Technical University offers an online Master of Business Administration Technology Management degree program. Students complete 48 credits in classes like IT Management, Relational Database Management Systems, Managerial Accounting, and Human Capital Management. The program combines business with a technology management concentration so students are prepared to plan, operate, and develop IT systems.

#12 – Herzing University

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tuition: $650 per credit hour

At Herzing University, students can earn an online MBA Technology Management degree. Students must complete 51 semester credits, including core business classes, industry-specific concentration courses, and a capstone project. Core classes include Strategic Planning and Marketing, while the concentration classes include Information Security and Privacy and Project Management in Technology.

#13 – Friends University

Location: Wichita, Kansas
Tuition: $631 per credit hour

Friends University, a non-denominational Christian university, offers an online Masters in Management Information Systems. The program includes 30 credit hours and takes about two years to complete. While attending online classes, students learn business foundations and technical skills, which they can use in for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

#14 – Purdue University Global

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana
Tuition: $485 per credit hour

Purdue University Global offers an online MBA in Information Technology. The program includes 76 credits and covers the foundational principles of information technology and their relation to business management. Core classes include System Analysis and Design, Principles of Information Technology, and Critical Concepts and Competencies for the IT Professional.

#15 – DeVry University

Location: Downers Grove, Illinois
Tuition: $2,298 per three-semester-credit-hour course

Students at DeVry University can earn an online Masters in Information Systems Management program. Students must complete 48 credit hours in core business classes, information systems management courses, and electives. The program gives students the opportunity to explore subjects like upgrading information systems, implementing computer networks, and maintaining networks.

#16 – Excelsior College

Location: Albany, New York
Tuition: $620 per credit

Excelsior College’s online MBA in Technology Management degree requires between 33 and 48 credits and offers core business classes, electives, concentration classes, and a capstone class. Students learn about quality and productivity assessment, project management, innovation, and more. Concentration classes include Project Management Principles and Application, and Management of Innovative Technology.

#17 – Bellevue University

Location: Bellevue, Nebraska
Tuition: $485 credit hours

Bellevue University offers an online Master’s in Management Information Systems program that consists of between 42 and 45 credit hours. The online program focuses on business practices and managing emerging information system technologies. MIS courses include IT Project Management and Survey of System Developments. Core MBA classes include Managerial Accounting and Computer Concepts and Applications.

#18 – CalUniversity

Location: Diamond Bar, California
Tuition: $395 per credit

CalUniversity, formerly known as California InterContinental University, is a completely online university. The school offers an online MBA in Information Systems and Knowledge Management. The program includes combining management practices with current information system technologies. Students complete business foundation classes, information systems courses, and a capstone project.

#19 – Grantham University

Location: Lenexa, Kansas
School Profile
Tuition: $325 per credit hour

The online MBA in Information Management degree program at Grantham University teaches students important business strategies and managerial skills needed to work in emerging computer networking and information processing technologies. The program includes 36 credit hours of core classes, specialized classes, and a comprehensive capstone project.

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