MastersPrograms-information-technologyA Masters in Information Technology degree can help working professionals who are interested in a higher level of expertise that can earn them a better job with a higher salary than they currently have. Those with a Master of IT degree can apply for jobs in an array of industries. This masters degree can increase marketability because employers are continually looking for workers with advanced computer knowledge and experience.

Online Masters in Information Technology programs are ideal for working professionals because they typically require no on-campus time and professionals can complete coursework around their family and work obligations. Careers for graduates include computer security specialist, web administrator, systems software manager, chief information officer, and information technology project manager.

There are several important factors to consider when searching for an online college degree program in information technology. Schools should be accredited and have a variety of courses. Consider these top 20 best online Masters in Information Technology programs, based on quality of programs, rankings, faculty, awards, and reputation.

We consulted our own ranking of the top 100 best online colleges during our research for this online masters degree ranking.

#1 – Carnegie Mellon University

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $475 per unit

Carnegie Mellon University offers an online Master’s in Information Technology program with emphases in Information Technology Management and Information Security and Assurance. The first track provides students with information technology skills and management strategy options. It uses expertise in research and operations from the Community Emergency Response Teams Coordination Center.

The second track, Information Security and Assurance, focuses on adapting technology to the intruder landscape. Students learn in-depth about information security, risk management, and data privacy.

#2 – Penn State World Campus

Location: University Park, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $854 to $930 per credit

The Penn State World Campus partners with Pennsylvania State University’s College of Information Sciences and Technology to create the Master of Professional Studies in Information Sciences program. The program teaches students about real-world business issues and simulations. It is designed for professionals and organizational leaders who want to take on greater IT responsibilities. Students from almost any discipline can apply for the program, which requires about 33 credits for graduation.

#3 – Creighton University

Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Tuition: $1,088 per credit

Creighton University offers an online Master in IT Management program, which focuses on team management, budget planning, and ethics. Students also study computer science, digital security, and emerging technologies. The degree offers a concentration in leadership. Students in the program learn how to apply technology and business advancements throughout their communities and the world.

#4 – Brandeis University

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
Tuition: $3,225 per three-credit course

The online Master of Information Technology Management program at Brandeis University blends managerial and technical components to form a comprehensive and technologically advanced program. Students learn how to develop and lead teams of technical workers, find ways technology can help solve problems, assure the quality and value of information, and use technology to achieve management objectives.

#5 – Boston University Distance Education

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Tuition: $820 per credit hour

Boston University’s Distance Education program offers an online Master’s in Computer Information Systems. The program provides concentrations in Health Informatics, Database Management and Business Intelligence, Security, and IT Project Management. The program consists of 10 courses, which can be completed in less than two years.

#6 – Arizona State University

Location: Tempe, Arizona
Tuition: $492 to $852 per credit hour

Arizona State University offers an online Masters in Information Management degree program. Students learn about emerging technologies, managing enterprise systems, IT services, project management, and more. Teams of students work together to select an industry project from emerging issues in information technology. The program is completed in about 16 months.

#7 – New Jersey Institute of Technology

Location: Newark, New Jersey
Tuition: $3,486 in state, $4,800 out of state per three-credit course

Students enrolled in NJIT’s online Master of Science in Business and Information Systems learn about databases, web design, application development tools, management information and decisions support systems, and software use and evaluation. The online program also looks at business topics like finance, financial products, business operations, and accounting. The program is mainly for professionals who want careers that require knowledge and skills in requirement analysis and application systems design and development.

#8 – University of Illinois Springfield

Location: Springfield, Illinois
Tuition: $362.25 per credit hour

The University of Illinois Springfield offers an online Master’s in Management Information Systems program with the goal of preparing students for positions involved in the application of information technology to solve business problems. Students learn about technical foundations of information systems, systems analysis and design, management of database systems, enterprise models, and more. The degree includes 36 credit hours.

#9 – Quinnipiac University

Location: Hamden, Connecticut
Tuition: $925 per credit hour

At Quinnipiac University, students can enroll in the online Master’s in Information Technology, provided by the School of Business and Engineering. The program prepares students for management positions in designing, developing, and delivering technological solutions. Students learn how to lead teams of information professionals, as well as how to apply a systems approach to developing and delivering information systems and services.

#10 – Drexel University

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $1157 per credit

Drexel University Online offers an online Master of Science in Information Systems degree program. Students learn about the latest technology and techniques to help IT professionals transform a digital platform. Core courses include Software Development, Information Systems Management, Information Systems Analysis and Design, and Human-Computer Interaction.

#11 – Florida Institute of Technology

Location: Melbourne, Florida
Tuition: $777 per credit hour

Florida Tech University’s online Master’s in Information Technology program teaches students to develop information systems as strategic tools to gain an advantage. It also teaches students to manage software systems. The program includes 33 credits and classes include Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Project Management for Information Technology, and Global Information Technology Management.

#12 – UMass Lowell

Location: Lowell, Massachusetts
Tuition: $570 per credit hour

UMass Lowell offers an online Master in Information Technology degree, courtesy of the schoolís Computer Science Department, in collaboration with the Division of Online and Continuing Education. The program is 10 classes long and technically-focused. Students learn designing, managing, and developing networked systems of computers.

#13 – Southern Polytechnic State University

Location: Marietta, Georgia
Tuition: $408 per credit hour

Southern Polytechnic State Universityís online Master in Information Technology program includes classes like IT Design Studio, IT System Acquisition and Integration, Information Security Concepts and Administration, and IT Policy, Strategy, and Governance. Students learn how to apply accepted standards and best practices to every aspect of the Information Technology field.

#14 – Regis University

Location: Denver, Colorado
Tuition: $710 per credit hour

Regis University offers an online Master of Science in Information Technology program for professionals who want to advance into technical leadership positions and also expand their influence on business operations. The online degree is available in accelerated eight-week terms. Students must complete 36 credit hours to graduate. The degree includes classes like Global e-Business, Emerging Technologies, and Managing a Secure Enterprise

#15 – Western Governors University

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Tuition: $2,890 per term

Western Governors University’s online Master of Information Technology degree offers an emphasis in Network Management. The program is designed for IT professionals who want to advance into a management position. It is also designed for people with “real-world” IT networking experience who want in-depth knowledge and skills in network management. The program requires 33 credits for graduation.

#16 – University of Maryland University College

Location: Adelphi, Maryland
Tuition: $458 in state, $659 out of state per credit

The University of Maryland University College offers an online Masters in Information Technology degree that aims to give students a broad technical understanding of current and evolving technologies in the field of IT. The degree includes 36 credits and classes cover topics like the technical and regulatory issues regarding the internet, applying IT best practices in productivity and competitive advantage, literacy in organizational decision-making, and information awareness.

#17 – Robert Morris University

Location: Moon, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $845 per credit

Students in Robert Morris University’s online Master in Internet Information Systems program learn how to manage information systems, manage large amounts of information, work through security issues, and identify and solve software, hardware, and internet problems. The program also covers technical elements and the continued growth of internet-based information systems. Students must complete 30 credits in order to graduate.

#18 – Nova Southeastern University

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tuition: $725 per credit hour

The online Master of Science in Information Technology degree at Nova Southeastern University teaches students organizational information systems, software methods and technologies, systems infrastructure, and application technologies. There are five concentrations: Information Technology Management, Information Security Management, Information Systems Security, Educational Technology, and Software Development.

#19 – Colorado Technical University

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Tuition: $585 per credit hour

Colorado Technical University offers an online Masters in Information Technology program that provides a strong foundation in project management, strategic management, enterprise system architecture, and network infrastructure management. Students at CTU learn how to align a companyís IT strategies with its business objectives and processes.

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