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This ranking is designed to help you learn more about the best online master’s programs in information technology available today. Online college is becoming more and more popular for professionals who have already joined the workforce in their field and want to continue their education. The benefits of earning a higher-level degree are clear when it comes to the average salary and ability to advance within your chosen career.

online master's programs, information technology degrees

Whether you’re at work, in a coffee shop, in a dorm room, or even at home, you wouldn’t be viewing this page without the work of a dedicated team employing the infrastructure that connects us to the world. Every doctor’s visit, every flight you take, and even the street lights in your city are the result of skilled professionals developing highly reliable information technology-based solutions.

Because of the extent to which information technology has pervaded — and aided — almost every aspect of our lives, information technology professionals are in high demand. Professionals ranging from help desk employers up to chief technology officers are likely to have pursued degrees in information technology. Nearly every level of IT employee is well compensated, and there’s a lot of room for growth.

As aspects of our lives have migrated to connected devices, the need for securing important information has added to the need for qualified information technology professionals. By some estimates, as many as one million cybersecurity-related jobs will go unfilled in America by 2021. As the shortage of information security professionals has grown, so too has the opportunity for those already within information technology fields. Many workers who already understand how to set up, scale, and troubleshoot networking and individual workstation technologies are in perhaps the best situation to implement proper security. As such, we’ve included many cybersecurity-focused masters in information technology degrees below. You may also be interested in our article on the best online master of information systems programs.

src=”×186.jpg” alt=”online masters programs, information technology, cybersecurity” width=”300″ height=”186″ />In this year’s ranking, we looked at all online masters degrees with a focus on information technology. Not all degrees below are of the exact same type and focus areas include computing, computer networking, information technology, and information technology management. But all degrees below do share a solid core of graduate-level information technology courses. We feel that the diversity of degree options is a boon to the degree seeker and allows those who know they want to move up the information technology degree ladder the option to tailor their education toward exactly what they wish to be doing.

To determine the top master’s in information technology degrees for 2019, we took a unique multivariate approach. For each program in question, we looked at factors that contributed to affordability, flexibility, adult-student support, and academic quality. Our precise ranking methodology may be found below:

  • Program financial score (33.3%): the percentage of students whose financial need was met, the robustness of the financial aid department and offerings.
  • Academic Support Measures (33.3%): including student-to-faculty ratios, average graduation rates, and time until graduation.
  • Academic Quality (33.3%): presence of high-profile research opportunities and designations such as the NSA Center of Academic Excellence designation for cybersecurity.

The costs listed below are the tuition and fees reported by the National Center for Education Statistics. When options were given, in-state and graduate costs were chosen. No institution is ever given preferential treatment for any rankings at OnlineCollegePlan.

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  1. MERIT: 295
    View Profile Average Cost: $41,870

    Master of Science in Computing

    online master's programs, online master of science degreeMarquette University offers a fully online masters degree in computing. The online Master of Science in Computing provides a unique multidisciplinary option for students who prefer more background knowledge about the computing systems they’ll be handling in IT roles. Computing as an academic discipline blends several related topics, including information technology, information systems, computer science, and computer engineering. Students from this program will learn how to excel in both IT roles and bridge roles that blend into other disciplines.

    Marquette University, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a privately-funded research university that was established in 1881. The university is of average size with slightly over 11,000 students. The university is one of the more prominent Jesuit Universities in the nation. Marquette is ranked in the top tier of national universities and has a range of particularly well-regarded programs.

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  2. MERIT: 294.6
    View Profile Average Cost: $36,810

    Master of Science in Information Technology Management

    online masters programs, Regis UniversityOne of Regis University’s numerous impressive IT-related degrees is their online masters program in information technology management. This degree offers a range of specialization areas, potentially the most of any program we surveyed. Along with a selection of courses in management, technical skills are also the focus of other courses throughout the masters. Specialization areas that students may choose from include data science, healthcare informatics, enterprise resource planning, cyber security, information assurance policy management, enterprise systems engineering, and software engineering.

    A second Jesuit university on our list, Regis University is a mid-sized university with slightly over 8,000 students. Student-to-faculty ratio is low, and academic outcomes are high quality at Regis. For a university of its size, a great deal of the focus at the university is on undergraduate instruction. With this said, the university also offers a wide range of graduate and professional coursework. A great deal of the graduate and professional coursework offered by the university is available through online delivery.

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  3. MERIT: 291
    View Profile Average Cost: $54,820

    Master of Professional Studies in Information Technology Management

    online master's programs, Tulane University

    The Master of Professional Studies with a focus area in information technology management offered by Tulane University this year is one of our top picks for online masters programs in IT. Core coursework in the program tackles many hot-button issues within information technology today, including architecture for enterprise, cybersecurity training for managers, policy and governance for IT organizations, and law and policy related to cybersecurity. Additionally, students may select from a range of specializations including emergency operations, cybersecurity, and homeland security.

    Tulane University is a private, nonsectarian research university with the main campus in New Orleans, Louisiana. The university has over 13,000 students, making it a mid-sized university. A wide range of research institutes and research funding make Tulane one of the largest research centers in the region. Professional schools at the university including the school of medicine and law are both among the 15 oldest in the United States. In recent years, Tulane has also begun to build a series of online offerings geared towards working professionals.

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  4. MERIT: 291
    View Profile Average Cost: $53,740

    Master of Science in Technical Management

    online masters degrees, johns hopkins universityJohns Hopkins University’s program in technical management provides students with an online master of science, a graduate-level certificate, or a post-masters certificate in the subject matter. We’ve placed this program near the top of our ranking due to the world-renowned instruction in technical disciplines offered by Johns Hopkins. Students may elect to pursue a range of specializations within disciplines including tech innovation management, organizational management, quality management, project management, and others. All courses are available online or in person.

    Johns Hopkins University is a relatively large private research university that has main campuses in Baltimore (primarily) and Washington, D.C. The university also has international campuses in Italy, China, and Singapore. Founded in the 1870s by what was then the single largest philanthropic donation in U.S. history, Hopkins has maintained its status as a preeminent research university for over 100 years.

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  5. MERIT: 290.3
    View Profile Average Cost: $33,570

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    masters of information technology, lawrence techLawrence Technological University’s 100% online Master of Science in Information Technology degree is placed in our ranking due to its quality support services, quick time-until degree, and range of concentrations. Within this two-year program, students may elect to pursue two concentrations including one in cybersecurity technology and a second focused on project management. All courses are offered on-campus or online. And all tracks require seven core courses and the choice of three electives. Students wishing to pursue their own specialization may select electives not included in one of the two tracks.

    Lawrence Technological University is a relatively small (student body-wise) privately-funded university that has a main campus in Highland Park, Michigan. The university is known for its wide range of technology-centered degrees with many at the undergraduate level. Of the school’s 4,500 students, over 3,000 are in undergraduate courses. Among graduate coursework, a range of degree types are available fully online.

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  6. MERIT: 290
    View Profile Average Cost: $41,850

    Master of Science Information Technology/Cyber Security

    Florida Tech, online MSIT, online masters programsFlorida Institute of Technology is known for its range of online IT-centered offerings. One of our favorite programs from this institution is their online MS in Information Technology and Cybersecurity degree. The blending of general IT and cybersecurity within the program points to an awareness that IT organizations can’t exist today without information security at the forefront of their minds. Core requirements of the program include 8 courses. While 4 directed electives hone the focus on cybersecurity. FIT has long been known for their range of support services and experience in providing information technology and engineering degrees for working professionals.

    Situated on Florida’s “space coast,” Florida Institute of Technology is one of the nation’s largest providers of online STEM-related degrees. Close to half of the university’s 6,000+ students are enrolled in engineering disciplines (an extremely high rate when compared to most universities). Research opportunities abound due to the range of science and engineering research that surround the main campus. A wide range of degrees are also offered online through FIT.

    Note: Online college costs at FIT are around 16,000 for graduate tuition and fees.

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  7. MERIT: 289.3
    View Profile Average Cost: $45,280

    Master of Science in Information Technology – Cyber Security

    online master's programs, Pace UniversityThe fully online masters degree program in information technology with a focus on cybersecurity offered by Pace University is one of but a handful of programs in information technology offered by NSA-designated centers of academic excellence in InfoSec. By upgrading your information technology and management skills in a cybersecurity-heavy research environment, you’ll prepare yourself not only for IT generalist positions, but specialized cybersecurity positions that can boast higher salaries. Electives are of a wider range than many information technology masters and include courses in programming, data mining, and more traditional IT topics.

    Pace University is a mid-sized research university with main campuses located in New York City and Westchester County, New York. This privately-funded institution has an enrollment of close to 13,000, with a majority of students studying at the undergraduate level. University performance metrics include an acceptance rate of over 80% as well as impressively high graduation rate and low student-to-faculty ratio for its size.

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  8. MERIT: 289.3
    View Profile Average Cost: $30,300

    Master of Science in Information Technology – Project Management

    online masters programs, online MSIT, RMUThe fully online master of science in information technology with a focus on project management occupies a unique position within our ranking. This 30 credit hour program emphasizes the business dynamics at play in today’s information technology roles. All courses within the program are available fully online or in-person. Recipients of this degree through Robert Morris University have found employment in a range of top employers, from professional athletic franchises, to governmental agencies, to Fortune 500 companies.

    Robert Morris University is a mid-sized, privately funded university with a primary focus on quality instruction and the teaching of undergraduate students. With close to 5,000 students, over 4,000 of them are studying at the undergraduate level. With that said, a range of 35 graduate-level degrees provides advanced program coverage in many areas. The university is known nationally and the STEM college at the university is one of only 17 that are considered centers of academic excellence in actuarial science.

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  9. MERIT: 289
    View Profile Average Cost: $51,828

    Master of Science in Management of Technology

    online masters degrees, information technology onlineNew York University offers a fully online master of science degree in management of technology through their renowned Tandon School of Engineering. This course of study is geared towards mid-career technical managers or information technology professionals. Portions of the curricula are geared towards IBM-requested credits for career advancements, ensuring that your time in the program will be valued by large tech employers. Diverse faculty within both information technology, management, and innovation fields instruct students in this program that has a proven track record of providing graduates with higher earnings than MBA recipients.

    New York University is a will-regarded, privately-funded research university with a main campus in — surprise — New York City. Additionally, NYU has campuses that grant degrees in Shanghai as well as Abu Dhabi. A range of other academic centers are also international. The university has hosted world-renowned and award-winning professors in almost every major discipline throughout its history. As one would expect from such a metropolitan and well-regarded university, classes are generally small and students may elect to study a wide range of disciplines.

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  10. MERIT: 287.6
    View Profile Average Cost: $30,900

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    online master's degree programs, NSU, Nova Southeastern UniversityNova Southeastern University provides one of the highest value online Master of Science in Information Technology degrees in our ranking. A wide range of electives and optional concentrations help students to ensure that the degree is tailored to their own unique needs and goals. Current concentrations offered in the program include information assurance, cybersecurity management, data analytics and application development. A three-term per year format ensures students graduate sooner than other degree programs.

    Nova Southeastern University is a larger-sized, private research university. Degree offerings are varied for its 20,000+ student body. The university has a particularly robust range of degrees offered at the professional and graduate levels. The university is considered an R2 research institution, meaning that plenty of research funding goes to the university, though it is not quite in the top tier of research institutions. In recent years a growing number of degrees have been offered entirely online from Nova Southeastern University.

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  11. MERIT: 287.3
    View Profile Average Cost: $13,620

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    affordable online masters degrees, virginia techVirginia Tech’s fully online masters programs, the master of science or graduate certificate in information technology, provides students with the chance to attend graduate courses at one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in the nation (right from home). As an NSA designated center of academic excellence in cybersecurity, Virginia Tech is at the heart of cutting edge research and instruction in this burgeoning aspect of IT. Additionally, students finish quickly, with flexible scheduling allowing students to finish the program in as few as 18 months.

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (often called “Virginia Tech”) is one of only six senior military colleges within the United States. While you don’t have to be part of the military to attend, this designation lends extra funding to a number of programs on campus and a unique atmosphere. Other designations held by Virginia Tech include that of being a land grant, space grant, and sea grant university as well as a top-tier public research university generally.

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  12. MERIT: 287
    View Profile Average Cost: $9,101

    Master of Science in Computer Networking

    MS in Computer networking, NCSU, NC State

    The fully online master of science degree centered on computer networking offered by NCSU provides a unique entry in this year’s ranking for online masters programs. While networking degrees are common at the associates and bachelor’s level, it can be hard to find a top-ranked engineering college that offers a master’s degree centered on networking skills. If you are seeking to move into management within a networking-centered organization, or would just like to specialize further, this quickly-paced fully online option from a top school could be a great choice. A range of specializations within the program include an internet of things track, a networking services track, a networking software track, a network hardware track, and a network design track.

    North Carolina State University is a member institution of the University of North Carolina System, and conveniently located within the heart of North Carolina’s “research triangle.” Designations of NCSU include being labeled a space-, sea-, and land-grant institution. The university has the largest student body of any in the Carolinas. And has a correspondingly large range of academic offerings at the bachelor’s through doctoral levels.

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  13. MERIT: 286.6
    View Profile Average Cost: $13,988

    Master of Professional Studies in Information Systems and Cyber Security

    online college degrees, Penn State World Campus, PSUPenn State’s World Campus provides a unique interdisciplinary degree with their master of professional studies in information systems and cybersecurity track. This 33 credit-hour program includes courses surrounding the intersection of information technology, applications of technology for business, and the ethics and policy decisions surrounding technology use. Choose from nine elective courses to tailor this degree program to fit your own needs and goals. A research paper or capstone project is also required for this program, a unique component among surveyed programs in this year’s ranking.

    The “World Campus” of Pennsylvania State University houses nearly all online programs offered by the university system. This fully online branch of the Penn State system is based in University Park, Pennsylvania and is home to over 13,000 students. A very wide range of online degrees and certificate programs are available through the World Campus, with over 150 available at last count. The World Campus has been lauded as one of the most innovative online degree provider branches of a physical university system.

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  14. MERIT: 286.3
    View Profile Average Cost: $22,584

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    online master's degree, online master of science, liberty university onlineLiberty University provides one of the most flexible and adult-learning centered options for online masters programs in this year’s ranking in their Master of Science in Information Technology program. This 36 credit-hour course of study can be completed in as little as 18 months. And for professionals that have already pursued related coursework, up to half of the required credits in the program may be transferred in. This is great for experienced professionals who need to gain a degree quickly, or who have dropped out of a past program and would like to resume their studies. Two specializations within the course of study further improve flexibility. These concentrations include a network design and security track, and a software design and management track.

    Liberty University is known as one of the largest — by enrollment — evangelical Christian universities in the world. The current enrollment is over 75,000 students, simultaneously making the university one of the largest private universities anywhere. In recent years, enrollment has continued increasing nationwide due to a growing number of online degree programs at the university. Additional accolades include being named one of the best universities for conservatively-leaning (politically) students, as well as one of the best universities for veterans.

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  15. MERIT: 285.6
    View Profile Average Cost: $5,656

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    online master's degree programs, FSUStudents seeking a graduate-level information technology degree from a top public, research university are in luck with the online masters degree program at Florida State University. This master of science in information technology requires 32 credit hours for completion, and most students can complete the course of study in two years or less. A whopping 20 semester credit hours of electives allow students in this program to tailor their degree to a high degree. While there are no pre-selected specialization paths, students will work with faculty mentors to find the proper program for their needs.

    Florida State University is the flagship member of the Florida State University system and the largest member of the system by enrollment. The University is a top-tier research institution with additional designations as a sea-grant and space-grant university. Over the last several decades, the university has come to be known as an annual contender among the 30 best public schools in the nation. Total enrollment is over 41,000 students, with a majority of these students studying in brick and mortar programs.

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  16. MERIT: 284
    View Profile Average Cost: $9,000

    Master’s in Information Technology Management

    online masters degree, CSU Global Campus

    CSU Global offers an online Master’s in Information Technology Management. Their online masters degree program aims to prepare professionals for a successful career in IT management and offers a wide range of programs that work in a number of professions. The course material is divided into two parts, core course material, and a degree specialization.

    The specialization is an opportunity to tailor your degree to match your unique interests. This part of your program fulfills 12 credit hours and may include a specialization in Cyber Security, Online Learning Innovation and Design, Project management and more. In fact, there are 6 specializations from which to choose. The lion’s share of the program is the core degree courses for 27 credits. You will learn about the fundamentals of quantitative analysis, IT Management, Cloud Systems, Ethics, and culminate your degree with a capstone experience.

    Colorado State University-Global is CSU’s fully online university that offers a range of professional and graduate-level degrees and certificate programs. The global campus is headquartered in Greenwood Village and is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission. There are currently over 12,00 students enrolled in their online programming. CSU Global currently offers 13 fully online master’s degrees and is one of the top military-friendly schools in the nation.

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  17. MERIT: 283
    View Profile Average Cost: $10,822

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    ASU, online master's programs, information technology degrees

    ASU Online offers a Master of Science in Information Technology. This online masters program targets individuals with an interest in information systems, cybersecurity, and networking. At the end of the program, you will be prepared to work in a vast number of settings.

    This online masters degree is succinct with only 10 classes each just 15 weeks long for a total of 30 credit hours. The program is divided into three main areas, the core courses, electives, and a culminating experience. Unlike other programs, the majority of your credits are electives meaning you will have a tremendous opportunity to craft your degree to match your passions. The two focus areas are in “Computer Architecture and Information Security” as well as in “Information Systems Management and Systems Development.” The culminating experience is an applied project.

    Arizona State University is the flagship program of the Arizona State University system. Carnegie classifies ASU as having “very high research activity.” In recent years ASU has become much more than just a fun school for sports. In fact, ASU ranks among the top in the nation for innovation both with regards to the curriculum design and the types of research conducted. According to U.S. News ASU are among the top 10 in the nation for information systems, undergraduate education, supply chain management and more. There are currently over 50,000 students enrolled at the Tempe campus and many more enrolled through their online global campus.

    More Information
  18. MERIT: 283
    View Profile Average Cost: $15,180

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    online masters degree in information technology, umass lowell

    The University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) offers an excellent online masters program in IT. Their Master of Science in Information Technology is designed to meet the needs of future professionals and prepares its graduates for high-level positions in the field. Before applying to this program be sure to have completed the following prerequisite courses: precalculus, discrete math, statistics, C programming, and data structures.

    This online program requires 30 credit hours to complete and divides into the following four components: Software Management, Program Electives, System Infrastructures Courses, and Network Infrastructures Courses. The majority of the courses are electives which gives you the freedom to dive into your preferred niche. You could focus on cybersecurity, data mining, cloud computing or grab a little of everything. This is an excellent option for any individual who is looking to advance in their career and move through an online course quickly.

    The University of Massachusetts Lowell is part of the University of Massachusetts system of schools and is considered a public research university according to Carnegie. There are hundreds of degrees available to undergraduate and graduate-seeking students many of which are also offered fully online. In recent years, UML has made its mark through online education and currently offers 11 programs that are in the top 100 (many in the top 10) for online programming according to U.S. News and World Report. UML enrolls nearly 20,000 students and continues to build upon its online curricula each year.

    More Information
  19. MERIT: 282.6
    View Profile Average Cost: $6,347

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    online masters degree programs, kennesaw state university

    Kennesaw State University offers several online masters programs. Among these, is the Master of Science in Information Technology that aims to equip students with the necessary tools for success in the field. The course materials are varied giving you an excellent opportunity to apply your knowledge to a variety of professions. All students must satisfy the foundational course requirements in software design and development, computer networks, databases, and web technologies before initiating the online master’s program.

    This degree divides into three parts: core, electives and a culminating experience. The culminating experience may be either a thesis or a capstone. What makes this program stand out? One of the aspects that really makes this degree shine are the electives. Students are given the options to take up to 5 elective courses and use the electives as their capstone. More electives equal more opportunities for you to make this degree your own.

    Kennesaw State University is a nationally ranked university with high marks in innovation. This research university located in Kennesaw, Georgia enrolls over 35,000 students and maintains a student-to-faculty ratio of 21:1. Their academic offerings are wide-ranging and continue to grow with some of the most robust programs in engineering, education, and computer information systems. Not only that, but Kennesaw does a great job supporting its students in the military.

    More Information
  20. MERIT: 282
    View Profile Average Cost: $12,930

    Master of Science in Information Systems

    online masters degree in information technology

    The University of Michigan-Dearborn (Dearborn) offers a Master of Science in Information Systems program with five different areas of specialization for the online masters degree. Students may concentrate on web information management, information management applications, information systems engineering, information security and quality, or supply chain and information systems design. This is a 30-credit hour degree where students have the option to complete their program either online or on campus. To accommodate online learners all of the courses in the program are taught in the late afternoon or early evening. All student will take 9 credit hour of core courses, 15 credit hours of their area of concentration and 6 credits to be approved through their graduate advisor. All student must complete two prerequisite courses as part of this degree.

    The University of Michigan-Dearborn is a regionally ranked university with a focus on student success. Among its many student’s services, Dearborn offers academic as well as career counseling. According to US News & World Report, Dearborn ranks as the 23rd best college for veterans in the region. The university currently enrolls over 9,000 students and maintains a student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1. The vast majority of classes have fewer than 30 students making this a great option for individuals looking for more personalized attention.

    More Information
  21. MERIT: 282
    View Profile Average Cost: $17,338

    Master of Science in Information Technology Administration and Security

    online master's programs, NJIT

    New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) offers an online Master of Science in Information Technology Administration and Security that is a rigorous online masters program requiring just 33 credit hours to complete. The main curriculum is designed for individuals who already have experience in information technology. That being said it is entirely possible to fulfill their 7 bridge courses before diving into their required course list. This is a great option for individuals making shifts in their career. If you do take the bridge courses, that will mean an additional 21 credit hours of course material. The administrative component of this program focuses on organizational behavior, project management, and marketing strategy. This is a great fit for individuals looking to use their IT abilities in a business setting. All students culminate this degree with a capstone experience.

    New Jersey Institute of Technology is a public research university located in Newark. When it comes to US News & World Report rankings, NJIT ranks nationally as one of the top 50 public schools in the nation and among the top for veterans. As you may have guessed their top-ranked online programs are in the STEM subjects including computer information technology which are also their most sought-out online programs. NJIT has continued to grow and improve upon its online programming offering 5 online degrees that rank among the top in the nation.

    More Information
  22. MERIT: 282
    View Profile Average Cost: $6,612

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    NCAT, online master's degrees

    The Master of Science in Information Technology at North Carolina A&T State University (NCAT) ranks with the best universities for an online graduate program in information technology. What’s more, this online masters degree provides students with the options to select from five different specializations.

    Students may choose to study computer networking and communications, computer security, web technologies, data media technologies, as well as database management. This is a great option for students who are transferring as NCAT allows for up to 12 transferable credit hours. The total credit hour requirement for this program is 30. All students will complete foundational courses, electives and culminate their degree with a master’s thesis.

    North Carolina A&T State University (NCAT) is a nationally ranked research university that enrolls over 11,000 students. This historically black college shines in all of the STEM subject areas and notably provides excellent student support services including appropriate support for military students and veterans as well as financial aid for 95% of their undergraduate students. NCAT now offers an online experience and their online graduate computer information technology programs rank 38th in the nation according to US News & World Report.

    More Information
  23. MERIT: 281.6
    View Profile Average Cost: $6,410

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    online masters programs, USFAs you may have guessed, ranked among the best online graduate degrees at the University of South Florida is their Master of Science in Information Technology. This program does requires a GRE as well as prerequisites. You will need to have or take courses in programming, programming design, database systems and more. Check on their site to be sure you have all pre-requisite courses.

    The majority of this 30 credit hour degree is electives. Students are only required to take 3 core courses meaning that you have the freedom to pick and choose electives to match your interests and career goals. Unlike other programs, this course does not culminate with a capstone experience but rather a comprehensive exam. The comprehensive exam is a great way to review your knowledge and shore up your skills when you are ready to apply these concepts to the field.

    The University of South Florida is a research university with “very high research activity” according to Carnegie. This research powerhouse is located in Tampa, Florida and enrolls over 43,000 students. The Tampa location is the headquarters for their main campus. This nationally ranked university is a great option for online students as US News & World Report ranks it highly for value and for their online education program. Their top-ranked online degrees are in the fields of computer information technology and engineering.

    More Information
  24. MERIT: 281.3
    View Profile Average Cost: $11,000

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    university of cincinnati, uc, online master's programs in information technology

    The Master of Science in Information Technology from the University of Cincinnati (UC) is a great option for literally anyone interested in an online masters degree program in IT. Whether you are starting afresh in your career or are looking to advance your career in IT, this program is for you. Those who have no IT background are required to complete four “bridge” courses including programming with Java, administration, database management with SQL and information security and assurance.

    If you already have an IT background you can just jump right in with their core course material. The program is broken into three main parts including the core courses, electives, and capstone or thesis. The majority of courses are electives and include exciting programming in cybersecurity, human-computer interaction and usability and machine learning among others. This is an entirely tailorable degree and is sure to help you reach your career goals.

    The University of Cincinnati is an academic powerhouse with accolades far too numerous to list. Though we would do a disservice if we did not shine a light on their incredible online programming. Not only is UC a high-value nationally ranked school but 4 of their online programs are in the 10 ten in the nation and 11 of them rank in the top 70 in the nation. UC clearly innovated over the years through their online programming and it shows.

    Some of their top-ranked online programs include their online graduate programming in nursing and computer information science. UC also offers stellar programming for military personnel and veterans. To top it all off classroom sizes remain small and even though UC enrolls and impressive 35,000 students the universities maintains a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1. Research is clearly a central focus at UC.

    More Information
  25. MERIT: 281
    View Profile Average Cost: $9,440

    Master of Science in Information Science and Technologyonline master's degrees, missouri university of science & technology

    The Master of Science in Information Science and Technology is a 30 credit hour online masters degree that focuses on your future career. There are 6 areas of specialization the majority of each lead to a specialization in a specific career.

    Some of the specializations include human-computer interaction, enterprise resource planning (includes certification in SAP) and project management. Their graduate certificates work in tandem with this degree or as stand-alone certifications. Starting off with a graduate certification is a great option for individuals who are not great at standardized tests as you may be able to transfer from the certification into the degree without the GRE. If you see yourself heading into a business environment this program may be the perfect fit.

    Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST) is a research university located in Rolla, Missouri. According to US News & World Report, MST is nationally ranked and excels in engineering, and high school counseling but especially online learning.

    Five of their online degree offerings rank among the top in the nation including their online graduate business programs, online graduate computer information technology programs, online graduate engineering program, online MBA programs, and online graduate engineering programs for veterans. They are even military friendly. You get the picture, MST offers highly academic programming and supports of a wide range of students both traditional and non-traditional.

    More Information
  26. MERIT: 281
    View Profile Average Cost: $31,136

    Master of Science in Information Technology

    SNHU, online masters programs

    Among the many online masters programs offered by Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is their online MS in Information Technology. The Master of Science in Information Technology requires just 36 credit hours to complete and is a cybersecurity center of excellence.

    Additionally, SNHU offers 7 areas of concentration including in web design healthcare informatics, information security, and database design among others. This is an accelerated program and may be completed in as little as 15 months- for students who are able to complete two courses per term. A GMAT or GRE is not required. The main curriculum includes core materials and culminates with a capstone experience. If you are looking to fast track your masters in IT, this is a fantastic option.

    Southern New Hampshire University enrolls nearly 100,000 students- the majority of which study online. This private powerhouse has made a huge mark when it comes to online education. Not only that but US News & World Report ranks SNHU as the number one most innovative school in the region for their use of technology, innovative curricula, and students. We like the level of student support offered including tutoring and even credit for life experiences.

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  27. MERIT: 281
    View Profile Average Cost: $7,331

    Master of Science in Information Technology and Management

    UNC Greensboro, online masters degrees

    The Master of Science in Information Technology and Management is a 30 credit hour online masters program that prepares its students for management positions in the field. Students may complete this program in 2-3 years. This course has a focus on business with an optional concentration in business analytics. As a student, you will learn about the supply chain, financial accounting, and project management. This is an excellent fit for individuals with a background in business though students who aim to change careers may enroll in this course with some additional prerequisite business courses.

    The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) is a research university that is part of the University of North Carolina system. This location enrolls over 19,000 students and yet maintains a student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accredits UNCG to award bachelor’s, masters, and doctorate degrees and also professional certifications. According to US News & World Report, their online graduate degrees in computer information systems ranks 27th best in the U.S.

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  28. MERIT: 277.6
    View Profile Average Cost: $51,522

    Master of Professional Studies in Informatics

    Online masters information technology, online degrees, northeastern University

    The Master of Professional Studies in Informatics is a rigorous online masters degree that also incorporates a real-world component. Like with most other online IT degrees, students complete core courses, electives, and a capstone. The experiential learning component really makes this program stand apart. You will have an opportunity to work full-time in a paid position, collaborative opportunities with your employer and a virtual experience to work alongside a sponsoring organization on a long project. If you learn in practical settings, this program is an incredible opportunity.

    Northeastern University is a private research university located in Boston and is fully accredited through the New England Commission. Northeastern boasts a wide range of academic programs in the arts and sciences and is ranked as a top 50 school in the nation and in the top 10 for innovation. Northeastern is known for the “real-world experiences” component of their programming which perhaps makes this university truly shine. They aim big teaching their students how to “make a difference” through these real-world experiences.

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  29. MERIT: 273.6
    View Profile Average Cost: $7,416

    Master’s Degree with Informatics Specialization

    UMUC, Online masters degree programs, online college

    The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) offers an online masters degree with a specialization in Informatics. The program is designed to work for either seasoned professionals or individuals who are changing careers.

    This is a 36-credit hour program that includes core courses, specialization courses, and a capstone course. The capstone course focuses on contemporary issues in informatics. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all types of individuals and provides a wide range of courses in software, databases, technology foundations, project management, and the internet. If you are someone who has an interest in technology and is ready to make a career of those interests, certainly look into this degree.

    The University of Maryland University College is a public school that enrolls nearly 60,000 students while maintaining a student-to-faculty ratio of 19:1. UMUC is accredited through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and offers degrees at the associate’s through doctoral level. Nearly all students study online at least in part and UMUC does an excellent job offering student support including through credit for life experience and academic as well as career counsel. Some of their largest programs are in the fields of business and computer information sciences.

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  30. MERIT: 271
    View Profile Average Cost: $6,670

    Master of Science in Information Technology Management

    Online master's programs, WGU, Western Governors University

    Western Governors University (WGU) offers a flexible online Master of Science in Information Technology Management. The majority of students complete this degree in 6-24 months. This program is the perfect fit for self-starters and independently motivated individuals. In this course, you will learn about managing technology and managing organizations. Their culminating experience is an exciting opportunity to solve a real-world program. An added bonus is that you pay a set price per semester meaning that if you may be able to complete multiple courses for the price of one- a great way for motivated individuals to save. We love all of the components that make this program unique.

    Western Governors University is an innovative school that focuses on competency-based programming over credit hours. What this means is that individuals may flow at their own pace from course to course and in many instances will find themselves “testing out” of any one course. How does completing a master’s degree in 6 months sound to you? We like the sound of that as well. Of course, individuals can take much longer which means WGU is a fantastic fit for working professionals and parents who are never quite sure what life is going to throw your way. Are you looking for a truly flexible online masters degree? Check out WGU.

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Is a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Worth it?

Information technology careers are placed firmly at the crossroads between employers that primarily care about skills and not degrees, and large traditional employers that require certain degrees to reach certain career levels and pay points.

If you find yourself interested in a field populated by smaller, less traditional organizations, then you may not need a degree in the field to get ahead. Many online media and technology startups are known for caring about results more than a worker’s education.

If you find yourself working or seeking work with a government agency, a large traditional corporation, within health care, or within education, degree levels are often directly tied to earning potential.

Information technology as a field requires continual self or professional education just to keep up with the times. While heading back for a master’s in your discipline can be a great way to learn some of the latest career-centered information, there are also other routes. IT is known as a discipline in which many professional certifications are available. These certifications range from the most basic of technical skills, all the way up to IT leadership skills needed for executive positions. While certifications are in no way a match for an entire degree program (which often includes certifications), they can be a time-effective way of keeping up to date with your skills.

What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Information Technology?

While the bar to entry-level information technology positions is typically just a professional certificate, it can be hard to break into or move up the managerial ranks within IT without a degree. This is particularly the case if you’re transitioning from managing a small team to an entire program (or more).

Master’s in information technology degree holders can find preparation for a variety of position types within their degree program. As you may have read in our academic ranking above, there are programs focused on project management, program management, IT specialist roles, cybersecurity, and networking-specific jobs. Typically, placement in any of these roles can be found with some mixture of experience and academic coursework on the topic.

Master’s in information technology degrees are typically professional masters programs. This means they aren’t generally taken as a stepping stone towards research or a Ph.D. Rather, they are prepared with specific professional roles. In the case of this degree, some of the most common jobs include:

  • Systems Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Program Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Among others

How Much Can You Make With a Master’s in Information Technology?

There is a definite shortage of skilled information technology workers in most Western nations. This is particularly true of information technology workers focusing on cybersecurity, and information technology managers. This shortage has propelled salaries in these disciplines particularly high. Among cybersecurity workers, some of the most common average salaries include the following:

  • Cryptographer: $112,560
  • Security Architect: $120,091
  • Security Auditor: $90,497
  • Security Engineer: $85,177
  • Ethical Hacker: $72,000
  • Penetration Tester: $71,600
  • Security Analyst: $70,096
  • Security Software Developer: $68,927
  • Security Code Auditor: $64,721
  • Forensics Expert: $54,000
  • Incident Responder: $50,000

While the average salary of an information technology worker definitely depends on their level of seniority and skill, most entry-level positions can expect to make at least $60,000. Average salaries for some of the most common non-cyber security IT careers include:

  • Network Administrator: $57,950
  • Systems Administrator: $63,687
  • IT Project Manager: $134,182
  • IT Program Manager: $141,354

How Long Does It Take To Get a Master’s Degree in Information Technology?

Masters in information technology are professional (non-research) degree programs. As with most professional degree master’s, the course of study seldom takes more than 3 years to complete. If you look through the degree programs in our ranking above, you’ll see a range of degree programs that take between 1 and 3 years.

Most commonly, master of science in information technology degrees require 30-36 credit hours and can often be completed in two years. The most accelerated program above requires just one year to complete. Though this will require the taking of many courses at once, or drastically speeding up the duration of each course in the program.

Working through some of the programs above, one can see a variety of ways in which students may accelerate time-until degree. Many of the most finely-tuned online universities provide services particularly well-suited to working professionals. Some of these services include the ability to test out of courses that you have work experience in, as well as the ability to take courses asynchronously. In asynchronous courses, students may log in whenever they please. Course work is presented in a pre-recorded manner. And in some programs courses may be worked through at a personalized pace. This can allow for acceleration in time until degree.

Should I Get A Master’s Degree in IT?

Generally speaking, there are two main degree types across all disciplines: professional or applied degrees, and research degrees.

Professionally-centered degrees spend a great deal of time on actual use cases of knowledge within the workplace. Research degrees teach students to read, write, reason, and advance research within a field of study.

Masters in information technology are almost always professionally-centered degrees. This means that while they won’t be centered around making you an all-around better problem solver, you will learn many important skills and pieces of information for IT-centered careers.

This is a central component to understand before endeavoring upon a master’s in information technology degree. Information technology masters are one of the single most direct ways to gain employment or promotion within information technology organizations. With this said, some students are aspiring to move into work related to information technology. For this group of students, they may be better served by gaining a master’s in project management, a masters in business administration, or a master’s in computer science.

With that said, you likely already work or would like to work in information technology if you’re seeking this degree out. And for those that do want to primarily work in information technology, it’s hard to find a better degree. So the answer really comes down to whether you want to focus on information technology as the primary responsibility of your job, or not.

online masters programs in information technology

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