Computer Science is a rapidly flourishing field that continues to influence more aspects of our lives, and require more professionals each year. However, the growing demand for Computer Science professionals is nowhere near satisfied by the current crop of people with advanced Computer Science degrees. That’s why earning a PhD in Computer Science is a great choice. And to make your life easier, you can earn an online PhD in Computer Science, saving you time, money, and letting you emerge from your studies with a degree that can quickly and dramatically improve your life. So where should you earn an online PhD in Computer Science? The truth is, you’ve got plenty of options. Because the nature of an online PhD is at least partially ephemeral and intangible, you’re less confined by physical realities, although you may need to take some classes in person in these programs. Your major limitations in earning an online PhD in Computer Science are how much time and money you can commit to a program. While completing the program, you’ll often be able to avoid going any further than your computer to do so.

At Online College Plan, we’ve ranked the Top 5 Online Colleges with the Best PhD in Computer Science in one convenient place to make your search for your Computer Science doctorate a little less overwhelming. These schools were ranked by their overall graduation rate, retention rate, residential cost of attendance (COA), and the overall grade given by students at Niche. We pulled data from Niche, as well as individual school websites, the National Center for Education Statistics, and College Data. The programs on this list can be taken partially online, but also mostly require some on campus tutelage.

San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and similar large cities with blossoming tech industries are all top areas for Computer Science professionals to make their living. But really, the best place to earn an PhD in Computer Science is dependent on you, your bandwidth, finances, and the wonders of the digital age. When you earn an online PhD in Computer Science, you’re not tethered to a physical location the same way you would be with a traditional program. There’s nothing stopping you from even moving to one of cities or areas associated with higher paying and more bountiful professional Computer Science opportunities, or living wherever, earning your degree then applying to jobs throughout the country and choosing from the ones that accept you.

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PhD’s in Computer Science are highly demanded, and undersupplied. No matter where you earn one, you’ll likely be wanted in positions across the country and the world. That’s in large part due to the tangible skills and practical knowledge an online PhD in Computer Science can offer you. In these programs you’ll learn the ins and outs of Network Security, Graphics, Operating Systems, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Quantum Science, Software Engineering and so much more. These programs are for working adults, so you can maintain your responsibilities while getting you Computer Science PhD.