How to Prepare for an Internship

An internship is an integral part of the college experience because it provides some unique hands-on experience and gives you a glimpse into life after college. Internships even open doors […]

Careers with a Masters in Public Health

Before choosing a career with a master’s in public health, let’s first discuss and clarify what public health is. This dynamic and multi-disciplinary field is tasked with the unique purpose […]

Planning for Your Career After College

By Jennifer W. Eisenberg As the old Irish saying says, “If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.” And there is a trueness to that, which cannot be […]

Planning for Four Years of College

By Jennifer W. Eisenberg No shortage of advice is offered for the pre-freshman who is feeling overwhelmed. College is simply not as rare an option as it used to be. […]

Planning for your Job Search

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30 Best Career Tools for Trade School Students

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Fast Online Degrees for Seniors

If you’re a senior citizen looking to return to college and finally complete that undergraduate college degree, you’re probably interested in finishing ASAP. If so, here is the best advice […]

Fastest Online Certification for Seniors

By Jennifer W. Eisenberg As the generation born after World War II ages into later life post-career, they will find themselves as nearly a quarter of the total workforce. This […]

12 Things to Know About Student Loans

Student loans to help you pay for college may seem simple, but first impressions can deceive. They are actually more complex than most people think, with many aspects that aren’t […]

Are Free Online Courses Worth It?

There’s been a lot of buzz in the media lately about free online classes, but what’s it all about? Are they really free? And if so, are they legit? In […]

Planning for Graduate School as an Undergrad

By Jennifer W. Eisenberg Planning for a graduate degree can be an integral aspect of planning one’s career trajectory. The trend toward post-baccalaureate study and/or training has produced a small […]

Best Graduate Degrees for Seniors

by Jennifer W. Eisenberg As the baby boomer generation has entered senior citizen age, the number of people looking for a later-life career has also increased. The Bureau of Labor […]

Best Trade School Options for Seniors

By Jennifer W. Eisenberg If you’ve been thinking that you want to change your career, but going back to school in the traditional sense is just not in the cards, […]

The Future of Free College

According to a summary put out in October of 2019 by the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce’s Public Policy Institute, 65% of all jobs in United States’ economy […]

How Free College Works

More people are talking about free college in 2020 than ever before. This is for a lot of reasons. First of all, it is an election year and free college […]

Should College Be Free For Everyone?

Cost has been one of the largest barriers for students going to college for several years now. Tuition rates have continued to climb; more people are graduating with more debt […]

Can Free College Eliminate Student Debt?

Free college is something that has been talked about in political spheres for quite a while now and it can be a confusing topic. It is a popular democratic campaign […]

Exploring Online College Scholarships

The cost of college has skyrocketed in recent decades. While many goods have gotten more affordable since the early 1980s, the same can’t be said for higher education costs.  In […]

Guide to Creating Online Courses

Throughout the last decade, online education has progressed from “simply” a camera at the back of a classroom to a social, gamified, and multimedia-rich experience that can be accessed around […]

20 Best Online Degree Programs For High Paying Jobs

In today’s world, there are fewer barriers to higher education than ever before. Students can now earn a degree online from some of the country’s top-tier universities. Completing your studies from […]

BA vs BS Degree Explained

Undergraduate education is the first step that most people make in college. You’ll need an undergraduate degree regardless of whether you’d like to enter the workforce in your chosen field […]

What’s Considered a Good College GPA?

Worried about your college GPA or having a good enough high school GPA to get into college? Transitioning from high school to college brings a lot of changes with it […]

A History of Computer Programming Languages

Computer programming is essential in our world today, running the systems for almost every device we use. Computer programming languages allow us to tell machines what to do. Machines and […]

Guide to Getting Hired After College

Even before college graduation, students tend to focus on what will happen after they earn their degrees, which usually involves a job search. Embarking on this initial step of a […]

Finding and Applying for College Scholarships

We also have a featured list of top scholarships for military veterans. You may also enjoy our top list featuring the top 50 scholarships for online students! Our infographic featuring […]

50 Free Tools and Resources for SAT Prep

1. Analyze Math: If you are anticipating the math format to be the worst 80 minutes of your life, this website might help ease some of that suffering; it offers […]

50 Free Tools and Resources for ACT Prep

1. ACT Concepts Flashcards: Flashcards are one of the most effective study tools because they cause your brain to work on remembering concepts quickly and with little prompting; with a […]


Can online college students get the same scholarships as those who attend on-campus programs? Absolutely! In fact, online students may even be eligible for even more scholarship opportunities! That’s because […]

40 Free Tools for Managing Student Loans

Loan Management 1. Credible: Credible is a website where borrowers can compare terms of their personal loans to those of their peers, with all the data in one place instead […]

SAT and ACT Prep Guide

SAT study guide by: Gerri Elder See also: The Top 100 Best Online Colleges. The SAT and the ACT are standardized tests that most colleges and universities use to evaluate […]

10 Useful College Planning Apps

Tablets and smartphones have become indispensable tools in our daily lives. On top of changing the way we think about gaming and communications, these technologies are advancing our capabilities when […]