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What is an Associates Degree?

By Jennifer Eisenberg An associate degree is a 60 semester credit hour or 90 quarter credit hour degree that is the equivalent of the freshman and sophomore year at a […]

What Careers Require an Early Childhood Education Degree?

By Jennifer W. Eisenberg Early childhood education is a field with a fascinating history that goes back at least to the early 1800s in Europe. Many people might be surprised […]

Fast Online Degrees for Seniors

If you’re a senior citizen looking to return to college and finally complete that undergraduate college degree, you’re probably interested in finishing ASAP. If so, here is the best advice […]

Best Online Associate Degrees for Seniors

By Jennifer W. Eisenberg Senior citizens have a lot to recommend them. Life experience, knowledge of what is important, and time to consider what comes next. In that vein, here […]

What are the Career Options with a Criminal Justice or Law Degree?

The fields of criminal justice and law intersect at many points. Interconnected as they are, these are some common questions about education and opportunities in these two areas. Questions such […]

What is a Bachelor’s Degree?

By Jennifer Eisenberg A bachelor’s degree is an important milestone in the educational process. For many students, a bachelor’s degree can be the first step towards obtaining a well-compensated and […]

30 Most Unusual College Degrees

  Studies have shown that only about 50% of incoming freshmen know what they want to do when they start college. It used to be required that you declare a […]

Exploring Types of Online Engineering Degrees

Engineering has been around since the beginning of time. The premier example of ancient engineering is the wheel. It is something that is so omnipresent in all of our day […]

Top 20 Online Construction Management Degree Programs

A construction management degree online will prepare you for a position in leadership in construction. And it’s not just for those who want to be construction managers. It will also […]

Online History Degrees

Perhaps you’ve always loved learning about other cultures, about times and places distant and wild. Perhaps there’s one time in the past you find particularly enthralling: the time when Native […]

Can I Finish my Bachelor Degree Online?

Once you learn about all of the different types of bachelors degree completion programs that will help you finish your classes and graduate, it is no surprise that you want […]

What is a Degree Completion Program?

A degree completion program is a program of study that was designed for a student that didn’t complete their four-year degree, either because they had to drop out or because […]

Top 20 Online Christian Counseling Degrees

Anyone that is interested in pursuing a degree in counseling from a Christian perspective knows how prevalent Christian colleges are. Because of all of those options, it can get pretty […]

How Good are University of Phoenix’s Online Degrees?

Founded in 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona, the University of Phoenix has become one of the most popular online schools in the nation with an enrollment of over 142,500 students at […]

BA vs BS Degree Explained

Undergraduate education is the first step that most people make in college. You’ll need an undergraduate degree regardless of whether you’d like to enter the workforce in your chosen field […]

Online Psychology Degrees

Get a Psychology Degree Online Online Psychology degrees can lead to diverse, rewarding work while giving you insight into yourself and others that pays dividends throughout your life. In a […]

Online Education Degree Programs

Online Education Degrees It’s hard to find a person that has not had a special experience with an educator in their life. From the most privileged, to the most disadvantaged […]

Online Computer Science and IT Degree Programs

Computer Science Degrees Ever imagined you might teach a computer to do a task? No, not just a simple command. Rather, a complex series of steps and how to make […]

Top 20 Best Colleges for Online Paralegal Degrees

Oxford Dictionary defines a paralegal as “a person trained in subsidiary legal matters but not fully qualified as a lawyer.” Essentially, a paralegal is delegated some of the legal work […]

Top 20 Online Child Development Degrees

Child development is a vast field that pulls from several different disciplines with one goal: to support the development of children throughout their formative years. This type of degree can […]

20 Oldest Colleges in America That Offer Online Degree Programs

Online degree programs may be relatively new, but some of the oldest colleges in America have embraced this technology and advancement in higher education. At its inception, a college education […]

25 Best Online Degree Programs for Working Professionals

Continuing education is an incredibly valuable action that you can take to advance your career continually, and it is something that is mandatory in certain industries in order to maintain […]

Q: Where can undergraduates get online degrees in Arkansas?

A: Undergraduate degrees have become the new prerequisite for the majority of professional careers. There are a variety of options for undergraduates to get online degrees in Arkansas, whether they […]

How a Bachelor’s Degree Can Change Your Life

Is a Bachelor’s Degree Worth It? In the ever-rippling instability of a globalizing world, trappings of yesteryear are often dismissed as useless and antiquated. An oft-maligned (yet previously indispensable) example […]

50 Most Affordable Online Colleges for Bachelors Degrees

If you want a college education but life obligations make it difficult for you to consistently attend a campus, you might already know that bachelors degrees at affordable online colleges […]

How do I Become a Physical Therapist?

by Jennifer W. Eisenberg If you are interested in the process of becoming a physical therapist, we have answered commonly asked questions and connected the dots from the physical-therapy-curious high […]

20 Oldest Recorded College Graduates

By Jennifer W. Eisenberg Events in life must follow a pattern, mustn’t they, or what’s a pattern for? For instance, certain things should be done by the young–like playing with […]

What is the best university in Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

There are three colleges or universities within the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which are: The University of Alabama: Founded in 1820 in Tuscaloosa, the University of Alabama is the oldest […]

Top 20 Best Colleges for Linguistics

Linguistics is the study of language and several aspects of language including the structure, history, and many others. Language is one thing that impacts close to every other part of […]

Top Culinary Schools with Online Classes

The culinary industry is so deeply entwined with our everyday lives that it can be easy to look at the beautiful dishes we see in restaurants and on television and […]

Registered Dietitian

The rising importance of Nutrition in the US public discourse has stemmed from the terrible eating habits and incomplete education that US children receive. Additionally, the US healthcare system is […]

Dietetic Technician

The United States lags behind other developed countries in its public health, and much of that stems from the woeful nutrition education and dietary habits of the average American. As […]

Are There Any HBCU with Nursing Programs?

Yes, there are many HBCU with nursing programs, some of which offer online or hybrid programs to help registered nurses continue their practice while taking classes with flexible schedules to […]

Top 30 Best CRNA Schools with Online Programs

See the best CRNA schools that offer flexible online programs. Our top 30 schools that offer Nursing Anesthesia programs online can help you choose the best CRNA school for you.

Top 20 Best Colleges with Online PhD Programs

A doctorate degree, or doctor of philosophy, is the absolute highest level of academic achievement that one can earn. Yale University was the first institution of higher learning in the […]

Top 20 New Hampshire Online College Programs

Continuing our series of best online college by state rankings, we have examined all New Hampshire online college programs and chosen to showcase the top 20 based on the methodology […]

Top 20 Best Online Colleges in Louisiana

Continuing our series of best online college by state rankings, we have examined all online colleges in Louisiana and chosen to showcase the top 20 schools in this piece. Louisiana […]

Top 50 Best Online Community Colleges for Financial Aid Assistance

For this Top 50 ranking, we have scored each two-year community college and comparable technical college, located in the United States that offers students a selection of distance-learning programs in […]

Louisburg College – Tuition, Football and Athletics

Louisburg College, a private, 2-year, Methodist-affiliated school in Louisburg, North Carolina, has its foundations rooted in two schools: Franklin Male Academy, chartered in 1787 and Louisburg Female Academy, founded in […]

Fullerton College – Map, Athletics and Accreditation

Fullerton College is a two-year Juco (junior college) located in the effervescent rays of Orange County, California. The school is rich in sunshine, as well as history. Established in 1913, […]

Online Certificate Programs That Pay Well

Getting an Online Certificate Doesn’t Mean (Completely) Abandoning Your Passion There’s a false assumption that it’s crucial to make money while engaging in your passion. While getting paid to do […]

Best Trade School Options for Seniors

By Jennifer W. Eisenberg If you’ve been thinking that you want to change your career, but going back to school in the traditional sense is just not in the cards, […]