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There are many reasons for the massive surge in popularity of online college. Top schools that may have been out of reach before are now at your fingertips, thanks to the Internet. A high-quality education from a prestigious college or university can be obtained through a wide variety of accredited online degree programs. Nothing can hold you back! provides you with up-to-date and current college planning checklists, resources, and online college rankings. We also have the latest financial aid and scholarship information to educate and assist you in making the best decisions as you plan for your future career.

Student loan debt burdens most students for years after graduation. The average 2016 college graduate will owe $37,000 in student loans. Affordability is important. With this in mind, in our ranking of 50 Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degree Colleges, we listed the top 50 colleges that offer high-quality online bachelor’s degree programs at a reasonable price.Student loan debt burdens most students for years after graduation. The average 2016 college graduate will owe $37,000 in student loans. Affordability is important. With this in mind, in our ranking of 50 Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degree Colleges we listed the top 50 colleges that offer high quality online bachelor’s degree programs at a reasonable price.

What Are the Advantages of Online College?

There are many benefits and advantages to attending college online. Earning your degree from an online college can offer you flexibility and plenty of options, as well as being very affordable.

If you are a self-starter, very organized, and motivated to get your education, Your diploma could be closer than you think! Online colleges offer some of the quickest bachelor’s degree programs so you can get to work sooner.

Education has evolved. It’s now easier than ever to attend college — and you don’t have to quit your job or move (if you don’t want to)! If you are inclined to continue your education, there’s never been a better time.

Flexibility and Convenience

Traditional college classes require you to physically report to a classroom for instruction. For many people, this can be inconvenient or downright impossible due to a variety of circumstances, including family caregiver responsibilities, work schedules, transportation issues, and disabilities.

Enter online college degree programs. Now it is entirely possible to attend college classes from anywhere you and your computer or laptop have a reliable Internet connection. Once looked at with much skepticism, online degree programs have proven themselves legit to academic leaders, students and employers alike and have quickly become a mainstream staple in higher education.

ASUFullerton CollegeShasta CollegeTTU

Online College Offers a Nearly Endless Array of Options

Choosing online education vs. a brick-and-mortar school doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a different school. Many, if not most, prestigious colleges and universities have developed high-quality online degree programs, which a growing number of students prefer.

Students who attend college on campus often elect to take some of their classes online in order to enjoy the benefits of lecture replays, schedule flexibility, networking with other online students, or squeezing in extra credits during summer breaks.

Most schools now offer online college courses in many fields of study, for example:


















Affordability = Less Student Debt!

Save money by not leaving home for college. Online degree programs are highly customized to fit unique needs. This means online college students spend less time and money taking classes they don’t need.

With online college, there are no commutes, student parking hassles, meal plans to purchase, moving expenses, or new roommates. Plus, you won’t rack up unavoidable (and very expensive) parking tickets and various other on-campus fees that wreck your budget. All of this can save you money and mean less student loan debt in the long run.

Top 10 Online Bachelor's Degrees in Engineering#1 Top Paying Entry-Level Career: Reservoir Engineer


The median annual starting salary for a Reservoir Engineer is $103,949, making it the top paying entry-level career in the U.S.

Enhanced Learning Environment

Multimedia Instruction = Better Retention. Online college students can view lectures and take notes any time. Many students also find it easier to communicate with instructors and classmates in an online learning environment. Course materials are organized and updated to stay fresh for an optimal learning experience, while college textbooks are wildly expensive and quickly outdated. Online study groups make reviewing copies of past tests and note-sharing easy.

Sharpen Communication Skills

It’s a digital world. Learning how to communicate effectively online is essential. With online college, you will have the opportunity to hone your skills while you network with other students and earn your degree, as participation in online discussions is encouraged and often required.

Most online colleges use Blackboard, an open-source platform that (among many other things) allows students to connect with prospective employers and find internship opportunities.

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Whether you are a parent, high school student, or an adult considering going back to college, we’re here to help you with planning every detail — from choosing a degree and exploring online colleges to financing your college education with grants, easy scholarships, student aid, student loans, and other options.

Whatever your current education goals are, we have the tools, resources, information, and advice to help you plan for online college without getting overwhelmed.

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