A career services advisor is going to be your go-to throughout your college life. They are going to help you in any way they can in managing your credentials, making important decisions that will further you along in meeting your career goals, and making sure you’re prepared for the professional road ahead after you graduate. Their job is to make sure that you are taking internships and service opportunities that will advance you in your field, are prepared to write a good resume, perform your best in a job interview, and to excel in your chosen career.

Imagine if there was a person who was there for you throughout your time in college to stay on your back, and make sure that everything you were doing was building you up to seize and succeed in the career that you wanted the most. This person is your career services advisor. It is their job to meet with you on a regular basis to help you make the best decisions in regards to your future career. They can help you to identify skills gaps and advise you on what to do about them to make sure that you’re at your best when it is time for you to step into your work environment. This means that they can tell you what classes might help you in sharpening up a certain skill or even find you specific and relevant training to help you in a certain area. They can help you to create an action plan and then follow through with it, help you to get all of the relevant coursework and extracurricular training you can get. They will teach you about the current job market, the application of your specific degree in the field, and will be able to help you calculate a ballpark range of your starting and projected salaries. They can help you compare different internships or job opportunities and help you understand which of them is going to be your best option. They can also teach you about the application process, aid you in creating a resume or cover letter, and set you up to participate in workshops for job interview preparedness. Some career services advisors will even participate in mock interviews for you to get real applicable practice before you step into your potential employer’s office. Overall, your career services advisor is going to be your best source for anything you might need in order to ensure yourself success when you step out into the world and prepare for the job of your dreams.