profilesConstruction Management degrees are some of the best bets for students, as they provide graduates a direct path towards stable employment with a great salary. Construction managers make an average annual salary of $91,370, and there are currently 403,800 construction managers employed full-time in the United States, with that number expected to increase by 11% over the next decade. However, there is a high level of variance among salaries for construction managers depending on a number of variables, which include:

  • The location of your job sites, as projects within urban areas generally earn a higher pay grade than those in rural areas, as there are many extra building codes and considerations to be taken into account.
  • The size, scale, and complexity of the jobs that you are overseeing.
  • The number of projects that you are managing at any one time.
  • Your experience and track record of successful project completion.

If you are looking to hone your skills and knowledge as a construction manager, the best place to start is by applying for a Construction Management degree from an accredited college or university. Online Construction Management degrees are designed to allow professionals who are currently working in the field of construction to maintain their employment while working towards their degree that will qualify them for a promotion. To start your search for the Construction Management degree program that will allow you to earn your desired salary, check out our list of the Top 20 Online Construction Management Degree Programs. If any of the schools on our list might be the best next step for your career, be sure to follow the link and visit their website to request more information about their program. Construction Management students should be aware that their skill set will be highly desired by employers, and that there are plenty of other positions with stable salaries for them to consider. Some other jobs that construction management graduates are qualified for include:

  • Construction and Building Inspectors, who ensure that buildings meet safety codes and regulations. They make an average annual salary of $59,090.
  • Civil Engineers, who devise plans to build and maintain public infrastructure, such as roads, tunnels, bridges, and dams. They earn an average annual salary of $84,770.
  • Landscape Architects, who design parks, campuses, and other outdoor spaces that improve human life. They make an average annual salary of $65,760.
  • Surveyors, who visit possible construction site to make measurements and determine property boundaries. They make an average annual salary of $61,140.

There are many other stable job opportunities available for graduates with Construction Management degrees. The annual salaries of these positions are dependent on a number of variables, but professionals can expect their pay grade to rise over the course of their career, and in many cases can end up earning six-figure salaries. If you are looking for an online degree that will give you a wide range of career opportunities with great salaries, check out our ranking of the Top 20 Online Construction Management Degree Programs. If any of the schools that made our list could help you earn the salary that you desire, be sure to visit their website and request more information.