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Best construction management jobs

What can you do with an online bachelor’s degree in construction management? In this article, we’ll highlight some top construction degree jobs and how much you can make in each role. We’ll also discuss what is needed to have a successful career in construction management.

What Are Some Career Paths with a Construction Management Degree?

The most common role for those with this degree is, of course, construction management. A construction manager is responsible for overseeing building projects. This includes all phases, including planning, design, and construction. They ensure that projects are completed safely, on time, and within budget. 

management jobs in construction

Construction managers wear many hats. They are responsible for hiring and training workers. They are tasked with managing materials, equipment, and personnel. They also must ensure projects meet quality standards and comply with building codes and regulations. And they collaborate with other professionals throughout the project. This includes architects, contractors, engineers, and other stakeholders.

Career Outlook for Construction Managers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a construction manager is $98,890 a year. Some construction management jobs pay more, depending on experience level. the field is expected to grow by eight percent through 2031. This is faster than the average for most other occupations. Additionally, BLS projects there will be over 40,000 openings a year for those in construction management or a related field. This figure is expected to remain steady over the next decade. Overall, it’s a great time to look into jobs with a construction management degree!

But construction management is just one of many things you can do with a degree in this field. Below are ten more career paths for construction management degree holders.

Top Construction Management Degree Job Options

Wondering about what jobs you can get with a construction management degree? Look no further than these 10 construction management degree careers.

management jobs in construction

Project Manager 

This is the most common career path for construction management graduates. Project managers oversee the planning, execution, and completion of construction projects. A project manager also ensures timely completion within a budget. The median pay for a full-time project manager is $115,984 per year.

Construction Estimator

Estimators analyze project specifications, blueprints, and other documents. They calculate the costs of materials, labor, and equipment. Accurate cost estimates are vital for project budgeting and bidding. The median pay for a full-time construction estimator is $84,579 per year.

management jobs in construction

Construction Consultant 

Construction consultants provide expert advice to clients, contractors, and project teams. They may specialize in project management, risk assessment, sustainability, and safety compliance. The median pay for a full-time construction consultant is $85,073 per year.

Construction Safety Manager

Safety managers focus on ensuring a safe work environment on construction sites. They make rules to keep workers safe, teach best practices, and stop accidents from happening. The median pay for a full-time construction safety manager is $104,026 per year.

management jobs in construction

Sustainability Manager

Some construction management professionals specialize in sustainable building practices. Their focus is on saving energy, protecting the environment, and using sustainable materials. The median pay for a full-time sustainability manager is $129,943 per year.

Construction Technology Specialist

Technology is becoming increasingly important in construction. Specialists in this field focus on implementing and managing construction software. They use Building Information Modeling and other digital tools to improve project efficiency. The median pay for a full-time construction technology specialist is $61,898 per year.

management jobs in construction

Construction Contracts Manager

Contract managers specialize in reviewing and negotiating contracts for construction projects. They ensure legal and contractual obligations are met to reduce risks and disputes. The median pay for a full-time construction contracts manager is $101,159 per year.

Construction Quality Control Manager

Quality control managers focus on maintaining high construction standards. They ensure that projects meet design specifications and regulatory requirements. They implement quality assurance processes and conduct inspections. Their objective is to ensure the final product meets expectations. The median pay for a full-time construction quality control manager is $106,017 per year.

management jobs in construction

Urban Planner

Urban planners are involved in carefully designing how communities and cities grow. They use construction management skills to oversee construction tasks. They do this as part of the larger goal of shaping how cities develop. The median pay for a full-time urban planner is $75,360 per year.

Construction Materials Specialist

Materials specialists are responsible for sourcing and selecting construction materials. They ensure they meet project specifications and budget constraints. They stay updated on the latest materials and technologies in the industry. The median pay for a full-time construction materials specialist is $49,235 per year.

management jobs in construction

How Do I Get Into Construction Management or a Related Field?

Now that we’ve highlighted some construction management jobs, let’s talk about education. A degree in construction management can be your ticket into this field. With a solid educational foundation, you’ll be prepared for many of the construction management jobs listed below. 

Can I Break Into Construction Management Without a Degree?

Yes, it is possible to get construction management jobs without a degree. However, many employers prefer candidates with degrees in construction management.

What is the Best Path to Becoming a Construction Manager?

To pursue construction management jobs, a combination of education and relevant work experience is recommended. You can start with an associate degree in construction management. There are many construction management associate degree jobs. For even more opportunities, pursue a bachelor’s program. 

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Can I Earn My Construction Management Degree Online? 

management jobs in construction

Yes! And if you’re contemplating any of the construction management jobs listed, an online program is a great idea. Online degree programs give you the necessary skills to enter the construction industry. And they also allow you to continue working while pursuing your studies. 

Do I Need To Be Licensed or Certified To Work in Construction Management?

Acquiring a license in construction management isn’t a requirement across all states. It varies based on your location. However, holding such credentials can enhance your standing within the industry. A license proves your competence and shows potential employers or clients that you mean business.

Certifications for an Extra Edge

Beyond earning your degree from an accredited online college, certifications can be beneficial. These can bolster your resume by demonstrating additional expertise in a particular area. They can also help if you’re looking for a career change in construction management. Consider these organizations:

This concludes our article on the top careers in construction management
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