What are the best Pre-Med Schools with online courses?

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Pre-med online courses provide students with added flexibility so they can complete their degrees on their own terms. With that said, finding a fully online undergraduate program can be tricky, especially if your goal is to study pre-med. Instead, you can take online pre-med courses!

Pre-med isn’t typically offered as a major. Students can major in a field of natural science and a handful of other disciplines. Science is one of the most hands-on fields, so attending campus at some point is a given. However, some schools still strive to provide you with more flexibility by allowing you to take courses online.

Our editors first published pre-med schools with online courses in June 2023. This ranking was updated February 2024.

What is Pre-Med?

Many students wrongly assume that pre-med is a college major. However, it is not. In fact, there is no designated major for pre-med students. Because of that, students who enter medical school can choose a variety of different majors before completing their undergraduate degrees. Therefore, calling yourself a “pre-med” student essentially means that you plan to go to medical school. Typically, you pursue an undergraduate degree that aligns with your future career goals. 

Pre-med students take courses in different subjects, some of which can be accessed online. While your entire degree may not be available as remote coursework, many of your classes may have an option for distance learning.

Best Pre-Med Schools with Online Courses

SchoolLocationTuition (annual in-state, undergrad)
The University of IllinoisChampaign, Illinois$15,714
The Ohio State UniversityColumbus, Ohio$12,485
CSU GlobalAurora, Colorado$8,400
University of Florida OnlineGainesville, Florida$3,876
Tuition costs collected from the most recent data published by NCES – College Navigator.

The University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign

Program Website

The University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign is a large school with over to 56,000 students. It is an R1 Research University and a member of an organization of premier research institutions across the country called the Association of American Universities (AAU). UIUC is world-renowned for its research and scientific innovation across several fields. The school has an acceptance rate of around 45% for undergraduates and a graduation rate of 85%.

If you’re studying science, this is one of the top schools to attend. Potential pre-med majors include Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Molecular and Cellular Biology. Within these programs, there are hundreds of courses offered online.

While the school may not offer entire bachelor’s degrees for pre-med students online, you can achieve passing grades in a lot of your coursework for a pre-med degree by taking individual courses online. Some of the online courses offered on the Illinois Online site include:

  • Introduction to Telemedicine
  • Medicine in Literature
  • General Chemistry
  • Introduction to Public Health


  • Access to research opportunities for undergrads
  • Hundreds of online courses
  • Lower in-state tuition rates
  • Pre-med majors
  • Selective R1 research university


  • Higher tuition for out-of-state residents
  • Large student population (56,916 students)

The Ohio State University

Program Website

The Ohio State University is the only R1 Research University in the state of Ohio. OSU is also a member of the AAU, on top of being regarded as a Public Ivy. U.S. News & World Report has ranked it among the best public universities in America. It is a highly regarded school that offers an extensive selection of courses online.

The University is based in Columbus, Ohio, and has a student body of about 46,000 undergraduates. OSU has an acceptance rate of about 53 percent and a high graduation rate of about 88 percent. 

OSU offers a variety of different pre-med degrees entirely online, which is ideal for distance learning students. Some of the pre-med tracks available online include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene

In addition, OSU has a unique feature that makes it stand out as a pre-med option. Students can select Pre-Medicine as an area of interest and get specialized advice on being accepted into a med school program.


  • Extensive online course selections
  • High graduation rate (88%)
  • Internship opportunities in medical settings
  • Large alumni network and reach
  • Research institution with opportunities for undergrads


  • No designated pre-med major
  • Selective admission for pre-professional programs

Colorado State University Global

Program Website

Colorado State University (CSU Global) does not offer an entirely online pre-med program, but they do provide their students with the option to take many of their pre-med courses online. These courses vary when it comes to subject and credit count, although they primarily hover between 2 and 4 credits.

These online courses are taught by the same faculty members present on campus and they can count for CSU credit when you successfully complete and pass them. Some of these online pre-health courses include:

  • Principles of Human Physiology
  • Individual and Family Development
  • Death, Dying, and Grief
  • Medical Terminology
  • General Microbiology

The school has an acceptance rate of around 97%. There are 6,433 undergraduates, and many different online networks that facilitate connection with peers.


  • Eight-week courses with monthly start dates
  • Free one-on-one tutoring for pre-professional courses
  • Large selection of online pre-med courses
  • Pay as you go, 3-4 credits at a time


  • No in-person connection
  • No pre-med major

University of Florida Online

Program Website

The University of Florida (UF) Online, based in Gainesville, provides distance-learning students with the opportunity to pursue undergraduate degrees in Biology or Microbiology online. These two majors are some of the most popular among pre-med students, and UF allows you to complete all of the necessary coursework for these majors online.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biology – Interdisciplinary and theoretical, requiring less preparation in mathematics or chemistry.
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Microbiology – More hands-on with life sciences and laboratories.

For residents of Florida, UF’s online degree programs are a fraction of the cost of their in-person programs, which typically require you to pay for things like a meal plan or student housing. The same high-ranking faculty members who teach on UF’s campus also teach online courses, meaning you get the same quality of education whether you’re in-person or a distance learner. With an acceptance rate of 65%, it is moderately challenging to get into this school. However, around 79% of students successfully graduate.


  • Diverse selection of online science courses
  • Extensive research and laboratory experience opportunities
  • Preparation for graduate school if not admitted to medical school
  • Rigorous coursework favored by medical school admissions


  • High student-to-faculty ratio of 54:1
  • Limited number of pre-med degree programs
  • Out-of-state tuition for non-residents

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do pre-med classes online?

Accredited online pre-med classes are available from many research institutions, colleges, and universities. Online pre-med courses cover subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, and math, providing flexibility for students. It’s important to research the criteria medical schools want before taking classes so that you are familiar with their prerequisites. But you can do some, or all, of your pre-med classes online.

What is the best online course for pre-med?

There are many online courses that can benefit your qualifications for medical school. Recommended courses include:

• Biology with lab
• General chemistry with lab
• Organic chemistry with lab
• Biochemistry with lab
• Cellular biology with lab
• Physics with lab
• English

Can I apply to medical school without prerequisites?

Some medical schools don’t have prerequisites, so you can apply without them. But it’s not recommended. Your pre-med courses prepare you for medical school. They help you build foundational knowledge that can lead to success in medical school.

Can you do pre-med in 2 years?

While it is possible, completing your pre-med courses in two years is a challenge. It involves an intense schedule with a heavy course load, including biology, chemistry, physics, and math. Accelerated programs, summer classes, and online courses can help streamline the process.

Are online pre-med courses worth it?

If you are a student looking to complete your pre-med degree before going to medical school, completing a portion of your undergraduate degree online is a great option. Online pre-med courses can reduce the time needed to spend in the classroom. Online courses can also save you money. Some programs don’t charge out-of-state tuition and charge less per credit for online offerings.

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