The “best” HBCU graduate school is different depending on the individual needs of the applying student, but if you’re looking for top HBCU online degrees there are a few consensus HBCU graduate schools that consistently rank towards the tops of conglomerate lists. On the list ofTop 20 Best Historically Black Colleges with Online Programs, North Carolina A&T State University (NCAT) ranks number one overall. Hampton University and Howard University also consistently rank towards the top on all conglomerate lists of best HBCU graduate schools.

North Carolina A&T State University

NCAT is a public, historically black university that was founded in 1891 and is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. With a student body of nearly 12,000, NCAT is the largest HCBU in the country. About 1,500 of their students are working towards postgraduate degrees. They have a large catalog of graduate programs with 40 different master’s programs that have various specializations, and nine different Ph.D. programs. They also offer nine different post-graduate certificate programs to help qualify students for specific careers, including Advanced Waste Management, Community College Teaching, and Marriage and Family Counseling. Their master degree programs include Masters of Business Administration, with concentrations in Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Supply Chain Systems; Masters of Science in Agricultural and Environmental Systems, with concentrations in Integrated Animal Health Systems, Agribusiness & Food Industry Management, and Natural Resource and Environmental Systems; and Masters of Mental Health Counseling with concentrations in Clinical Counseling and Rehabilitation Counseling. Their doctoral programs specialize in technology and engineering, including Ph.D.’s in Computation Science and Engineering, Energy and Environmental Systems, and Mechanical Engineering.

NCAT ranked #1 in our ranking of the top HBCU with online programs.

Hampton University

Hampton University is a private, historically black university located in Hampton, Virginia. It was founded by the American Missionary Association in 1868, shortly after the American Civil War to provide education for freedmen, making Hampton one of the oldest HBCUs in the United States. Hampton University has a vibrant campus made up of over 4,500 students, around 800 of whom are graduate students, and participate in NCAA I athletic teams called the Pirates. They offer graduate degrees in fourteen different areas including online programs for Masters of Science in Information Assurance, Masters in General Counseling, and Masters in Educational Leadership. They also offer uncommon online Ph.D. programs in Counselor Education and Services, Educational Management, Nursing, and Business Administration. They also offer on-campus Masters programs in Chemistry, Physical Therapy, and Psychology, and on-campus Ph.D. programs in Physics and Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences.

Hampton University ranked #7 in our ranking of the top HBCU with online programs.

Howard University

Howard University is a private HBCU located in Washington DC. Like Hampton University, Howard was also founded just after the Civil War. The First Congregational Society of Washington established the university in 1867, after they expanded plans for a theological seminary, and have been offering graduate degrees since their inception. With an enrollment around 10,300, Howard is one of the largest HBCUs in the nation and has graduated more black doctorate recipients than any other non-profit university. Howard has an extensive graduate school with Ph.D.’s in 36 areas, including Genetics, Computer Science, and Neuropsychology, and master degrees in 19 different areas, including Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, and Pharmacology.

Howard University ranked #3 in our ranking of the top HBCU with online programs.