Founded in 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona, the University of Phoenix has become one of the most popular online schools in the nation with an enrollment of over 142,500 students at 40 different campuses, including the University of Phoenix eCampus. While the university has faced scrutiny over the past decade, the best way for students to get value out of online degree programs is by being self-motivated and giving maximum effort, as online students have to be accountable for themselves at any online school. For more information on the University of Phoenix eCampus, check out our profile of the University of Phoenix eCampus: Reviews, Accreditation, and Tuition. The university has gradually shifted towards the majority of their programs being offered online. In addition to traditional bachelor degree programs, the school offers professional development courses for around 300 individual companies, continuing education courses for teachers and practitioners, and specialized curriculum for military personnel. The degree programs are offered at the University of Phoenix via 10 different schools and colleges:

  • School of Advanced Studies, which offers a variety of online doctoral degree programs.
  • School of Business, which has a variety of undergraduate business degrees including Accounting, Project Management, and Entrepreneurship, as well as graduate degrees such as their online MBA program.
  • College of Education, which offers a wide range of continuing education courses for practicing teachers.
  • College of Health Professions, which offers a variety of degrees for jobs within the healthcare industry, including Master’s of Public Health degrees.
  • School of Health Services Administration, which offers programs that help prepare medical billers and coders to pass their certification exams (CMAA, CBCS, CEHRS).
  • College of Humanities and Sciences, which offers curriculum for students interested in English, Communication, or Environmental Science.
  • College of Information Systems and Technology, which offers a wide range of Computer Science and Information Technology degrees, including increasingly valuable cybersecurity degrees.
  • School of Nursing, which offers BSN and MSN degree programs, as well as an RN to BSN program that allows students to transfer up to 87 credits.
  • College of Security and Criminal Justice, which offers Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees, including an MPA that focuses on legal proceedings in the courtroom environment.
  • College of Social Sciences, which offers courses in counseling and psychology to give students a greater understanding of the human condition.

Regardless of residency, the annual price to attend the University of Phoenix eCampus depends on the level of degree program in which you are enrolled. Associate and bachelor degree programs come out to $398 per credit hour, master’s degrees come out to $698 per credit hour, and doctoral degrees come out to $810 per credit hour. The university offers a tuition guarantee, which ensures that students will pay the same tuition rate every year until they graduate, regardless of how long it takes students to complete their degree. This allows online students to have life flexibility while working towards their degree. If any of the degree programs offered by the University of Phoenix interest you, you should visit their website to request more information.

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