If you are considering a career in finance, you may be interested in learning about the average salaries for different jobs in finance.

To start, you need to look at different careers you can pursue with a finance degree. For instance, the most popular career that people pursue with a finance degree is that of a Financial Analyst, for which the median yearly salary in 2015 was $80,310 USD. However, for the second most popular career, that of a Personal Finance Advisor, the median annual salary in 2015 was $89,160 USD.

There is a varying range of careers you can pursue after you have obtained a degree in finance. The top three most popular are that of a Financial Analyst, a Personal Finance Advisor or an Accountant.

The role of a Financial Analyst is to collect financial data for a company and monitor that data to inform and improve later financial decisions for a company in a way that would grow and sustain the business. The median salary in 2015 for this job was $80,310. If that pay rate already has you searching for online bachelor’s degrees in finance, the next salary will be particularly impressive.

Personal Finance Advisors had a median yearly salary of $89,160 USD in the year 2015. The role of a Personal Finance Advisor is that of a go-to guy on finance for a business or individual. As a PFA, you will be responsible for informing your clients of investment opportunities, tax laws, and insurance policies. You will assist your clients in meeting their financial goals in the short- and long-term.

The third most popular career that people pursue with a finance degree is that of an Accountant, with a median yearly salary of $67,190 USD. As an Accountant, you would be responsible for preparing and monitoring financial assets of your clients, generally for tax purposes.

The possibilities with your finance degree span beyond these three options, though. You could also explore the field of Credit Management, with a median yearly salary starting upwards of $65,000 USD and spanning all the way to $102,000 USD. As a Credit Manager, you would work more directly with clients, assessing them to set their credit limits on different loan accounts. You would also be responsible for continually monitoring the clients’ accounts to assess risk and enforce credit policy.

If you’re interested in higher stakes, you could explore your opportunities as a Treasurer. As a Treasurer, you would be primarily responsible for setting financial goals, and managing corporate level investments for your client or place of business, in order to keep the company profitable. These high responsibilities come with a healthy median yearly salary of $98,000 USD.

If you have a deep love for finance, but numbers make your head spin, you could also pursue a career as a Buyer, working more in the logistics department of a business. As a buyer, you would be comparing different services and products, and making the purchases that keep your company running from day to day. The starting median yearly salary for this job is $50,283 but can increase along with your expertise and level of education.