What Kind of Degree Do Interior Designers Have?

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While many interior designers earned their bachelor degrees in interior design, there are many other degrees that build skills that are necessary to become an interior designer. Any degree program that provides students an understanding of spatial relationships, aesthetic sensibility, or physics will help prepare students for a career in interior design.

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Interior Design Salary

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According to PayScale, the median salary for interior designers is $54,627 per year, with the pay scale ranging from $40,000 to $76,000 or higher per year. In addition to salary, interior designers also earn bonuses, profit sharing revenue and commissions, which can be a significant stream of income.

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Degree Options for Interior Designers

Consider the following degrees that professional interior designers have earned:

  • Architecture: An architectural degree is one of the most translatable to interior design, as similar theoretical concepts are discussed, and many of the professional software applications are used by both professions, such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign.
  • Graphic Design: A degree in graphic design will give you an understanding of how to create aesthetically pleasing products that present humans with engaging and intuitive interfaces.
  • Construction Management: A construction management curriculum will give you a practical understanding of the logistics and physical dynamics that are used to create a physical manifestation of a designer’s blueprint.
  • Urban Planning: An urban planning degree will acquaint you with spaces that inform and enhance human life. Urban planning can be considered the exterior, outdoor form of interior design.
  • Engineering: An engineering degree will allow students to understand the physics that determine what is possible for an interior designer. An interior designer with an understanding of physics could push the boundaries of what is possible for interior design.

While these and many other degrees can translate towards a career in interior design, the most direct academic path for interior designers is a degree program specifically for interior design.

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Benefits of Interior Design Degree Programs

Consider the following benefits towards finding an interior design degree program over another related academic field:

  • An Internship at an Interior Design Firm: Perhaps most importantly, many interior design degree programs set their students up with real-world experience by placing them for an internship at a renowned interior design firm. While academic studies can provide a foundational understanding of interior design concepts, there is no replacement for workplace experience.
  • Networking with Peers and Professors: Many interior design professors practice interior design themselves, so the networking possibilities that are opened up by enrolling in an interior design degree program can be the most valuable aspect of the experience.
  • Technical Expertise: An interior design degree program will prepare students specifically for interior design by acclimating them with the software with which they will need affluence for their profession.
  • Studio Environment: Many interior design degree programs offer collaborative studio spaces where students can conduct peer reviews and professors can give guidance during the creative stages of interior design.

In Conclusion:

interior design degrees

If you are looking for a degree program that will provide you with these specialized academic experiences to jumpstart your interior design career, then you should apply to an interior design degree program. To help you get started, check out top-ranked programs that have helped interior designers gain the knowledge necessary to succeed in the field. If any of the schools on our list might be the best fit for you, be sure to click on the links to their school website and request more information.

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