Medical coding is a rapidly growing field that will continue to have a large impact on our healthcare system and medical research. As medical records become digitized there is great opportunity for new methods in data collection and analysis that can potentially lead to important medical breakthroughs. As the field continues to expand, more institutions of higher education are offering medical coding training programs, though there is variation in quality among programs. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 Top Accredited Online Medical Billing and Coding Schools. Our ranking was based on the following methodology:

  • Schedule flexibility of the program: How well does the school accommodate the busy schedules of its students?
  • Average Return on Investment: How much are graduates expected to earn in relation to the cost of their degree?
  • Educational Quality: How well do professors mentor and engage their students to help them reach their full academic potential?

All of the best online medical coding programs train their students to become proficient in the most common coding languages that are used in the field of healthcare. Learning these coding languages will qualify you for a variety of jobs in hospitals, doctor offices, and other clinical settings. As a job candidate in the field of medical coding you will be expected to know:

  • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)
  • International Classification of Diseases (ICD)
  • Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS)

Based on our methodology, the best medical coding training programs that offer an online format are The University of Cincinnati and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Let’s take a closer look at some of the particulars of these programs.

Featured Programs

The University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati is a public research university that was founded in 1819, and is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The university offers a one-year Medical Biller/Coder training program that combines theoretical science with practical job-oriented courses to prepare students for a variety of professions. All of the courses for the program are offered in an online format to give their students maximum schedule flexibility. Total tuition for the 2017-18 school year came out to $11,000 for in-state students and $27,334 for out-of-state students, and 82% of students received some form of financial aid. If you are looking to save on tuition at an online program, be sure to check out our list of the 50 Best Scholarships for Online College Students.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (also known as IUPUI) is a public research university that was established in 1969 and is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The university’s School of Informatics and Computing offers an Online Medical Coding Certificate that requires the completion of 28 credit hours focusing on pathophysiology, pharmacology, coding, medical reimbursement, and basic concepts of health information. The program requires students to complete a practicum in medical coding that will provide them with workplace experience. Tuition for the 2017-18 school year came out to $9,334 for in-state students and $29,806 for out-of-state students, and 89% of students received some form of financial aid. The extent of their curriculum combined with educational quality made IUPUI’s Medical Coding Certificate our choice for the best online medical coding program.