University of Alabama

The University of Alabama, which is commonly referred to simply as UA, is a public sea-grant and space-grant research university which is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and which was originally established in 1820.

The University of Alabama is the oldest and largest public university located within the state, and the university is home to the only publicly supported law school; which is known as Alabama Law. In a 1913 speech, the then-president of the university–George H. Denny–referred to the school as the “capstone of the public school system in the state,” which is why UA is sometimes referred to as The Capstone. Today, UA is still very much considered the capstone of Alabama’s higher education and is classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a Research University with a High Research designation, which reflects the university’s commitment to being a pioneer in higher education.

The University of Alabama–in addition to being the state’s oldest and largest public university and provider of the state’s only publicly supported law school–was also one of the first schools in the United States to offer a degree in engineering. Their degree remains to this day one of the most comprehensive and respected engineering degrees available. The university enrolls more undergraduate students in its engineering degree-granting program than any other university in the nation due to this. UA also offers degrees in 117 areas of study which are taught through the university’s 13 different schools and colleges.

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In addition to the outstanding education that the University of Alabama provides, the surrounding area of Tuscaloosa also offers attending students and visitors with many things to do and sights to see, including:

The Alabama Museum of Natural History:

The Alabama Museum of Natural History, founded in 1831, is the oldest museum in the state and is Alabama’s designated state museum. The museum’s exhibits showcase the natural and historical diversity of the state, which ranges from the Age of Dinosaurs through the Coal Age and the Ice Age. Items relating to the areas of geology, zoology, paleontology, history and other areas of study and interest are on display for visitors to view, and the Grand Gallery Exhibition Hall houses a replica of a Basilosaurus cetoides, which is an Eocene Epoch whale that has been designated as the State Fossil.

Sakura Festival:

The Sakura festival celebrates the symbolic moment when a cherry blossom petal detaches itself from a cherry blossom tree to drift serenely towards the ground, which reminds witnesses of the fleeting yet enduring nature of life. Tuscaloosa celebrates its ties with Japan and its Sister City of Narashino City every March with this festival, which features cultural sights and activities, Haiku contests and various other celebrations.

University of Alabama Online Degrees and Programs:

The University of Alabama offers an enormous number of undergraduate degree-granting programs and graduate degree-granting programs across a variety of disciplines to its distance learning students. The programs which are available are:

University of Alabama Undergraduate Degrees:

University of Alabama Undergraduate Degrees:

Accounting, BS

Addiction and Recovery, BS

Advertising, BA

Aerospace Engineering, BS

African American Studies, BA

American Studies, BA

Anthropology, BA

Apparel and Textiles, BS

Architectural Engineering, BS

Art History, BA

Biology, BS

Chemical Engineering, BSChE

Chemistry, BCH

Chemistry, BS

Civil Engineering, BS

Communication Studies, BA

Communicative Disorders, BA

Computer Engineering, BS

Computer Science, BS

Construction Engineering, BS

Consumer Sciences, BS

Creative Media, BA

Criminology & Criminal Justice, BA

Cyber Security, BS

Dance, BA

Early Childhood Education, BS

Early Childhood Special Education

Economics, BA

Economics, BS

Educational Neuroscience, BS

Electrical Engineering, BS

Elementary Education, BSE

English, BA

Environmental Engineering, BS

Environmental Science, BS

Finance, BS

Food and Nutrition, BS

Foreign Languages and Literature, BA

General Business, BS

Geography, BA

Geography, BS

Geology, BA

Geology, BS

Geology, BSG

History, BA

Hospitality Management, BS

Human Development and Family Studies, BS

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA

Interdisciplinary Studies, BS

Interior Design, BS

International Studies, BA

Kinesiology, BSE

Management Information Systems, BS

Management, BS

Marine Science/Biology Major, BS

Marine Science/Chemistry Major, BS

Marine Science/Geology Major, BS

Marketing, BS

Mathematics, BS

Mechanical Engineering, BS

Metallurgical Engineering, BS

Microbiology, BS

Multiple Abilities Program, BSE

Music Composition, BM

Music Education, BSE (Certification in Instrumental Music)

Music Education, BSE (Certification in Vocal/Choral Music)

Music Performance, BM

Music Theory, BM

Music Therapy, BM

Music with a concentration in Arts Administration, BA

Music, BA

Musical Audio Engineering, BS

News Media, BA

Nursing (RN to BSN)

Nursing, BSN

Operations Management, BS

Philosophy, BA

Physics, BS

Political Science, BA

Psychology, BA

Psychology, BS

Public Health, BS

Public Relations, BA

Religious Studies, BA

Secondary Education, BSE

Social Work, BSW

Spanish, BA

Studio Art, BA

Studio Art, BFA

Theatre with a Musical Theatre Concentration, BA

Theatre, BA

Theatre, BFA

University of Alabama Graduate Degrees

College of Arts and Sciences:

American Studies, MA

Anthropology, MA

Anthropology, PhD

Museum Studies Certificate

Art History, MA

Studio Art, MA

Studio Art, MFA

Biological Sciences, MA

Biology, MS

Marine Science, MS

Biology, PhD

Chemistry, MSC

Chemistry, PhD

Speech Language Pathology, MS

Criminology & Criminal Justice, MS

Creative Writing, MFA

English, MA

English as a Second Language (TESOL), MA

English, PhD

Women’s Studies, M.A.

Post-Master’s Women’s Studies Certificate

Geography, MS

Geography, PhD

Geology, MS

Geology, PhD

History, MA

History, PhD

Mathematics, MA

Applied Mathematics, PhD

Mathematics, PhD

German, MA

Romance Languages, MA

Romance Languages – French, MA

Romance Languages – Spanish, MA

Romance Languages, PhD

Romance Languages – French, PhD

Romance Languages – Spanish, PhD

Music, MM

Music, DMA

Physics (MS)

Physics (PhD)

Political Science (MA)

Political Science (PhD)

Public Administration (MPA)

Psychology, MA

Psychology, PhD

Religion in Culture, MA

Dance, MFA

Theatre, MFA

Manderson Graduate School of Business

Business Administration, MBA

Executive Masters of Business Administration, EMBA

Accounting, MMA

Tax Accounting, MTA

Accounting, PhD

Economics, MA

Economics, PhD

Finance, MS

Finance, PhD

Applied Statistics, MS

Applied Statistics, PhD

Business Analytics, MS

Management Information Systems, MS 

Operations Management, MS

Operations Management, PhD

Management, MA

Management, PhD

Marketing, MS (Concentration in Marketing Analytics and Digital and Social Media)

Marketing, PhD

College of Communication and Information Sciences

Advertising and Public Relations, MA

Communication Studies, MA

Journalism, MA

Book Arts (MFA)

Library and Information Studies (MLIS)

Archival Studies Certificate

Communication & Information Sciences (CIS), PhD

College of Education

Elementary Education, MA

Elementary Education, EdS

Elementary Education Curriculum and Instruction EdD 

Elementary Education Curriculum and Instruction, PhD

Secondary Education, MA

Secondary Education, EdS

Secondary Education, Curriculum and Instruction,EdD

Secondary Education,Curriculum and Instruction PhD

Literacy Research, Theory and Pedagogy Certificate

Educational Leadership, MA

Educational Leadership, EdS

Educational Leadership, EdD

Educational Leadership, PhD

Higher Education Administration, MA

Higher Education Administration, EdD

Higher Education Administration, PhD

Instructional Leadership , EdD

Instructional Leadership, PhD

Instructional Technology, MA

College Teaching Certificate

Instructional Technology Certificate

Social and Cultural Studies Certificate

Counselor Education: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MA

Counselor Education: Rehabilitation Counseling, MA

Counselor Education: School Counseling, MA

Counselor Education, EdS

Counselor Education, PhD

Educational Psychology, MA

Educational Psychology, EdS

Educational Psychology, PhD

Educational Psychology-School Psychometry, MA

Educational Psychology-School Psychology, EdS

Educational Research, PhD

School Psychology, PhD

Qualitative Research Certificate

Quantitative Research Certificate

Kinesiology, MA

Kinesiology, PhD

Music Education, MA

Special Education, MA

Special Education, EdS

Special Education, EdD

Special Education, PhD

College of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, MS

Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, PhD

Chemical Engineering, MS

Chemical Engineering, PhD

Civil Engineering, MS

Environmental Engineering, MS

Civil Engineering, PhD

Computer Science, MS

Computer Science, PhD

Electrical Engineering, MS

Electrical Engineering, PhD

Mechanical Engineering, MS

Mechanical Engineering, PhD

Metallurgical Engineering, MS

Materials/Metallurgical Engineering, PhD

College of Human Environmental Sciences

Athletic Training, MS

Human Environmental Sciences, MS

Consumer Sciences, MS

Conflict Resolution Certificate

Health Studies, MA

Health Education & Promotion, MPH

Health Education & Promotion, PhD

Human Development and Family Studies, MS

Hospitality Management, MS

Human Nutrition, MS

Human Nutrition, PhD

Capstone College of Nursing

Nursing, MSN

Doctor of Nursing Practice, DNP

Joint Nursing Science, PhD

Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate

School of Social Work

Social Work, MSW

Social Work, PhD

Social Work, DSW

College of Community Health Sciences

Population Health Sciences, MS

Rural Community Health, MS

Online Programs at the University of Alabama

Like many colleges around the world, the University of Alabama has developed a robust online program that caters to the needs of those students who wish to pursue their education remotely. The school offers over 70 online programs, designed to help you earn your degree without ever setting foot on campus. Here is a partial list of the current online programs at UA:

Criminology and Criminal Justice, BA

Commerce and Business Administration, BS

Early Childhood Education, BS

Food and Nutrition, BS

Hospitality Management, BS

Human Environmental Sciences, BS

Mechanical Engineering, BS

Nursing (RN to BSN), BS

Public Health, BS

Social Work, BS, MS

Communication Studies, MA

Educational Psychology – Learning and Assessment, MA

Elementary Education, MA

Higher Education Administration, MA

Instructional Technology, MA

Journalism & Media Studies, MA

Management, concentration in Global Business, MA

Rehabilitation Counseling, MA

Special Education (Gifted and Talented Certification), MA

Hospitality Management, MS

Human Environmental Sciences, MS

Human Nutrition, MS

Marketing, MS

Marketing, concentration in Digital and Social Media, MS

Marketing, specialization in Marketing Analytics, MS

Mechanical Engineering, MS

Nursing – Nurse Practitioner concentration, MS

Nursing, concentration in Nurse Administrator, MS

Operations Management, MS

Population Health Sciences, MS

Library and Information Studies, MS

Master of Public Health, MPH

Master of Social Work, MSW

What Makes University of Alabama Unique: The Crimson Tide

The University of Alabama’s intercollegiate athletic teams are known as the Alabama Crimson Tide. The teams are comprised of 21 men and women varsity teams which represent the University of Alabama in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division I.

In fact, UA has developed a reputation for excellence in sports. According to Roll Tide Wire, the school currently has 10 of their athletics programs ranked within their respective top 25’s. And the school’s athletic teams are consistently ranked in the top 10 of the most winningest collegiate sports teams in the nation.

The Crimson Tide was inaugurated in 1892, and the name of “Crimson Tide” comes from a 1907 football game played against Auburn University in Birmingham where–after a tense game played in heavy rain, UA was able to force a tie even though Auburn was heavily favored to win. A writer later describing the game would refer to UA’s offensive line as a “Crimson Tide” due to the fact that the player’s jerseys were stained red from the mud.

Other School Facts:University of Alabama

Some notable alumni of the University of Alabama includes the following persons of interest:

  • Tom Cherones – Director of Seinfeld;
  • Rece Davis – ESPN sports analyst;
  • Nathan Jacobson -mathematician;
  • Mohammad Ataul Karim – physicist;
  • Edward Barna Kurjack – anthropologist;
  • Robert Van de Graaff – physicist and inventor of the Van de Graaff generator;
  • Jimmy Wales – co-founder of Wikipedia;
  • Heather Willauer – chemist and the inventor of a method for synthesizing jet fuel from seawater;
  • E.O. Wilson – entomologist who is known for work on evolution and sociobiology and who is a Pulitzer Prize winner

University of Alabama’s Website:


In-state: $10,780

Out-of-state: $30,250

University of Alabama’s Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

University of Alabama’s Values and Mission Statement:

University of Alabama’s Motto: “Roll Tide” and “Our Students. Our Future”

University of Alabama’s Mascot: Big Al

University of Alabama’s Colors: Crimson and White

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