Where can I learn how to prep for the ACT?

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When students begin actively preparing for taking the ACT (American College Testing) there are a large number of resources available to help them learn the material and achieve a score they can be pleased with.

An introduction to the ACT, what it is, and why it is important to students is something that is usually covered in school. In fact, teachers usually begin teaching relevant material and preparing their students for tests such as the ACT and SAT as early as middle school. By the time students are in high school, teachers will be covering or reviewing knowledge that is needed for the ACT test. School counselors become involved in the student’s college plan and may offer students access to study materials and test questions for the ACT.

Students in the modern age of the internet have a world of resources at their fingertips when it comes to how to prep for the act. Students are often able to find sample tests to take to become more familiar with the test and learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Taking a sample test using a stopwatch or timer is highly recommended. In doing this, students can find which areas they perform well on so as to focus studying on areas where they are weak. Also, familiarity with the process of taking the test can help alleviate test anxiety which can affect the performance of many students. Sample tests can be found online at resources such as PowerScore and can be downloaded for free.

Students can also find test prep help at ACT.org. Students are able to exercise their knowledge using online practice sheets in areas including English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing Samples. Students are able to sign up for a Question of the Day and receive a weekly email with a review of all of the questions from the week. There is also a free study guide that students are able to download in a PDF format in both English and Spanish.

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets in the modern age — and nearly everyone has one now — not only is gaining access to webpage resources easier, but there are also free and inexpensive apps that can be used whenever and wherever. Long gone are the days of skipping lunch period in order to squeeze in extra time in the library for students who want to study. Often times, students are able to get in a little study time after eating thanks to portable technology and valuable apps.

Depending on how much help they think they need, students may also opt to participate in paid ACT test prep programs or hire a tutor skilled in preparing students to score well on the ACT.

While often times ACT preparation will begin in school, students who want to do well on the ACT are encouraged to explore the wide variety of resources available to them, not only here, but at their schools, libraries, and other web resources.

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