There are a wide variety of schools that each offers RN to BSN programs, and each will have its requirements for their students. These programs are overall, not very competitive; however, your mileage may vary. For instance, Allen College has requirements such as passing a physical fitness test, and even suggests prospective students meet with an eligibility counselor before applying. With this in mind, there are a number of schools that offer RN to BSN programs, which allows you to see which ones you will meet the requirements for, and which ones will meet your needs as a student.

With the variety of online RN to BSN programs available, it won’t be difficult to find a program that is ideal for you, that you meet all the requirements to attend. Generally speaking, after you have acquired your license as an RN, you will have gained an ADN – these credits will transfer for you. For some programs, having your RN license is all you will need as long as you are accepted to the college that is hosting the program. The reason most of these courses are not very competitive is that a majority of them are all online. This means that one faculty member can oversee more students than they would in a more traditional setting, which means that more people who are eligible can be accepted into the programs. There are not as many labs or hands-on coursework required for your BSN as there are when you are first pursuing your license as a registered nurse, which allows them to be fully online and asynchronous because there are few if any, meetings that must be coordinated for those in-person experiences. Additionally, if a school does require any amount of clinical practicum, it will be completed at sites that are near you as opposed to being near the physical campus of the school that you chose. The competitiveness entirely depends on the school of your choice, because each school will have their own requirements, and limitations. Across the board, these are not very competitive programs to get into which allows for a lot of freedom to choose that a lot of people seeking to further career do not have. Because it is easier to get into these programs and few of them require physical meetings, you have the ability to choose almost any school that works for your financial and academic needs as you make progress towards your career goals. Also, some schools in your state may already have an agreement with local hospitals as well opening, even more, doors for you, and providing the possibility of tuition reimbursement from your curre

Are online RN to BSN programs competitive?