What is a bachelor degree?

A bachelor degree, also commonly called a bachelor’s degree, and sometimes bachelors degree without the apostrophe is an undergraduate degree and is typically a 4-year degree for full-time students.

The bachelor’s degree definition from dictionary.com states it is “a degree awarded by a college or university to a person who has completed undergraduate studies”.

The term bachelor can be traced back to the 1300’s although at the time it did not reference a degree, but a “young man” or “youthful knight, novice in arms”. It wasn’t until the 14th century that the meaning “one who has taken the lowest degree in a university” became popular. The rest, as they say, is history.

What is a BS degree?
The short answer is a Bachelor of Science Degree.

While BS is the typical abbreviation for a Bachelor of Science, it can also be abbreviated as BSc, and less commonly SB or ScB. Usually, a BS degree is in a field which is most commonly considered related to a science, it does vary from school to school as to which subjects are offered as BS. Some universities may even offer some subjects as both a BS or BA.

What is a BA degree?
The short answer is a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

While BA is the usual abbreviation for a Bachelor of Arts degree, it can also be abbreviated as an AB on occasion. Most Bachelor of Arts degrees are associated with the liberal arts and sciences. Some areas of study have both a BA and BS version of the bachelor’s degree, depending on the school and the courses taken.

What is a BFA degree?
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree would be the short answer for this.

This would be a degree associated with what is considered to be the fine arts. Traditionally the five main fine arts were music, poetry, painting, sculpting, and architecture while theatre and dance were considered performing arts. In modern times, more areas of study have been included into the fine arts such as photography, film and film-making, conceptual art, and printmaking to name a few.

What is a BAS degree?
Bachelor of Applied Science Degree is the short answer here and it can sometimes be abbreviated as BASc.

There are two main branches of Applied Science which are Engineering and Healthcare. These categories are broader than they may sound at first. Robotics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Nursing, Dentistry, and Veterinary studies are just a few of the areas of study which can be considered as Applied Science.

What is a BBA degree?
Bachelor of Business Administration is the full name for a BBA degree.

This degree is designed to help build and hone the communication, managerial, and business decision-making skills of the students. Students can anticipate general studies to focus on humanities and social sciences as well as mathematics which are associated with business.

There is also a BSBA, which is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. This is a variation of the degree which tends to have a stronger focus on the mathematics associated with the business industry.

There are many other bachelor degrees. More abbreviations and variations are listed in the “What kind of bachelor’s degrees are there?” section below.

What is a baccalaureate degree?

The term baccalaureate comes from Modern Latin baccalaureatus and it is the same as a bachelor’s degree. Origins of the word can be traced back to Middle Latin baccalaureus which possibly comes from bacca lauri meaning “laurel berry” in reference to laurels which were awarded to honor students for academic success.

What is the difference between graduate and undergraduate degrees?

Undergraduate degrees include associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees. An associate degree is often a 2-year degree, while the bachelor’s degree is typically a 4-year degree. The courses taken to earn both of these degrees are considered to be undergraduate courses.

Master’s degrees, PhDs, and Doctoral degrees are all considered to be graduate degrees. In order to be eligible to earn a master’s degree, one must have already obtained their bachelor’s degree. There are cases where students can simultaneously work toward both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, these are often called 4+1 programs. Doctorates and PhD programs are for students who have already earned their master’s degree.

Where can I learn how to get a bachelor’s degree?

Whether you are looking to earn an online bachelors degree or one earned on-campus, online websites like ours is a great place to start. While we specialize in online programs, most of the schools we feature also offer on-campus degree options as well. Also, there are many hybrid study options and some students prefer to only take one or two courses online and attend traditional courses for the rest.

Since every college and university is different, the next step would be to visit the school websites to find more information. If you really like what you see, you can always contact your school of choice for more information about their requirements for applying and courses you would need to take to earn your bachelor’s degree.

How long does it take to get a bachelor’s degree?

While it is typically a 4-year degree, it can be completed anywhere from 3 to 7 years depending on the course load of the student and whether or not they participate every available semester. Full-time students who attend all semesters, including Spring, Fall, Summer, and Winter semesters where available can often graduate after 3 years of rigorous study. Many students are unable to keep up such a full schedule for 3 years and find the average 4 years to be much more manageable.

How many credits for a bachelor’s degree

Each college and university may have different requirements for their programs, and the type of program chosen may affect the number of credits you will need to earn. The minimum requirement for a bachelor’s degree is 120 credits which are equivalent to around 40 courses. Some programs may require students to earn more than 200 credits, so it’s best to look at different programs that you are interested in to check the individual details of each one.

Where can I find out how to get a bachelor’s degree in 2 years?

One place you can check is the Top 35 Fastest Online College Programs ranking we have published. Generally, students who have earned their bachelor’s degree in 2 years have already completed an associate’s degree or have earned most of the credits toward one prior to applying to earn their bachelor’s. Students with previous college experience will need to check with their school of choice to be sure they are able to transfer credits they have already earned to go toward their degree.

Can I get a second bachelor’s degree?

It is not uncommon for people to change careers at least once in their lifetime, this can mean going back to school to earn a different degree. This is entirely possible, and often, it will not take as long to earn the second degree as it did the first one, especially if the time elapsed has not been too long.

Students can also choose to double major in separate subjects to earn two degrees simultaneously. While it is possible to earn both degrees within the average 4 years if the student plans ahead, usually it will take an additional semester or two, particularly if the second major is added later. This can cause the student to have to backtrack to take the prerequisites for the added major, but overall, it will still be less time consuming than completing two programs at separate times.

What kind of bachelor’s degrees are there?

There are many different kinds of bachelor’s degrees available. Most school websites have a list of degrees which they have available and not every degree is available through every school. Some of the most popular bachelor degrees are:

  • Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Accountancy (B.Acy. or B.Acc. or B. Accty)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (BCompSc)
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc IT)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN, BN, BNSc, BScN, BNurs, BHSc.)
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH)
  • Bachelor of Theology (B.Th., Th.B., or BTheol)
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts (B.L.A., sometimes A.L.B.)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BAPSY)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BScPsych)
  • Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE, BS in Ed)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BSW or BASW)
  • Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ)

I have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, now what?

Before you graduate, you may want to check in with your school’s career services office. They can help guide you to a career or discuss your career options with your new degree. Sometimes they may even be able to help you get your foot into the door with an internship or allow you access to job fairs.

There are a number of jobs that you can qualify for with a Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ). If you are just starting out, you may want to check around at what your options are that don’t require previous experience. There are some wonderful resources on the web, such as indeed.com that can give you a general idea of what kind of jobs you may want to be seeking out. Some jobs include police officer, parole officer, private security, private detective, corrections officer, and many more.

What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology?

Much of the same advice above for criminal justice applies to graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Career services at your school can help you with your career direction prior to finishing your degree. Often they are able to help students early on find the right degree for their career path. Even if you are later checking in with your school’s career services office, they can still help get you into job fairs and see if there are any available internships you might qualify for.

Having a bachelor’s degree in psychology can help you in a number of different careers. indeed.com is able to give you a great idea of what job options might be available to you. Earning your bachelor degree in psychology can help you prepare for many different jobs including counseling roles, lab technician, marketing, entrepreneurship, and can be a good stepping stone to grad school.

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