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Affording college doesn’t have to be as difficult as it feels like it will be, and we have put together as much information as possible to help reassure you that higher education is more than just attainable; it can be affordable.

Tuition has increased exponentially over time, and student debt has only seemed to grow. But, the truth is that you can afford to reach your academic goals if you know how to do your research and make the right plans. Online education is typically more affordable because there are fewer fees and material costs associated with earning your degree online. On top of that, you have access to the same grants, scholarships, and financial aid as a traditional student. Here is where you’ll find all of the resources we have concerning making your college experience more affordable.

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Affordable Colleges FAQ

When embarking on your college journey, you’re bound to have a lot of questions. When you’re trying to make sure that you can afford college, it is imperative that you ask as many questions as possible. Here’s every question we’ve answered about affordable online college.

  • Where can I find the cheapest online bachelors degrees? Affordable education is the best choice for any student. Some may struggle to pay higher tuition rates and there is no reason to pay more for an education of the same quality. There are some incredible schools that offer online programs that are cheaper – or even free, if you qualify. There are tons of websites that have been created to do this research for you, and we’re one of them. Because of that, finding the program that is going to give you the best possible education with the least impact on your wallet, isn’t going to be as daunting of a process for you so that you can focus on what matters.
  • Are affordable online bachelors degrees as good as more expensive programs? Feeling like you have to pay more to get something of a better quality is longstanding misconception that has been ingrained in us as a culture, but it isn’t always true. When it comes to education, you can still get an incredible education with lower costs. State boards of education and different accrediting bodies consistently evaluate schools to ensure that they are meeting key standards. As long as you seek out an accredited school, you’ll receive an education of the same quality as one with a heftier price tag. An affordable online bachelors degree is a great opportunity for you to catch a financial break while obtaining your degree.
  • How can I find the most affordable bachelors degree programs online? Finding a program that suits your needs is not a simple thing to do and it involves a lot of research. But, you can easily find some of the most affordable schools by looking at ranking sites just like this one that have done the legwork of the research for you. OCP is one of the best places to start looking because we tell you about the school and several of the degree programs that they have available. You can also look at sites like, which give you the total cost of attendance, additional information based on household income, and show you how it compares to the national average.
  • How long do affordable online bachelors degrees take to complete? The typical bachelors degree program takes four years to complete, and paying less doesn’t necessarily speed that up. However, if you already have an associates degree, you can do a degree completion program which will take less time. A lot of affordable bachelors degree programs can be completed online, which gives you a variety of different options when it comes to completing your degree at a faster pace. Asynchronous programs allow you to get your work done when you want to, accelerated programs offer condensed classes to get it done faster, and some online degree programs have competency-based or experiential learning which would give you credit for things you already know.
  • Do top colleges offer affordable online bachelors degree options? Schools that are considered the top colleges and universities remain at the top by providing exceptional quality education, and doing all that they can to serve their students. You may know that top colleges, even Ivy League universities, offer merit-based grants and scholarships for students that excel academically. But, they also will meet almost all of the financial need of students that are accepted and can’t afford it. Some of the best schools are a lot more affordable than you might think. You can also check out the hundreds of money management resources that are out there for students.

Free Laptops and College Degree Programs FAQ

We’ve also answered the following questions about free tuition and laptops:

Affordable College Resources

affordable collegesThere are a lot of great tools out there to help you manage your money better, and there are a lot of important things that you should consider. There are also a plethora of scholarships and tips that you can benefit from. We’ve put all of our available resources here together to make your research a little smoother!

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Affordable Online College Rankings

Schools that we have ranked that might be a great option for you are going to be found in the following rankings. Here is a list of all of our most affordable colleges rankings that we’ve done so far.

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Fastest Online College Degree Programs

Another way students may save money on college tuition and make college more affordable is to explore the fastest online degree programs. Fast online degree programs can be less expensive, as fewer semesters of study are needed.

We have ranked the following fastest degree programs:

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