The short answer to this question is research. It is up to you to research different degree programs to find out which one is going to meet your academic, financial, and professional goals best. This can be a very daunting task, which is why there are some websites out there that are entirely dedicated to ranking online college programs based on quality, price, and many other factors. These sites can contain a wealth of information for you because they often explain a little about the history of the school, their programmatic offerings, and their prices.

Selecting a school is a daunting task for any prospective student. Finding the perfect school based on your financial needs and career goals doesn’t have to be a complicated process, as long as you are prepared to do your research; but sometimes that investigation is extremely extensive and can get a little confusing. Not only that, but it can be hard to tell if a school is a legitimate and accredited institution that will provide you with a solid education, or if it is just a cleverly disguised diploma mill. Luckily, there are countless services across the web that do the legwork and then compile information for you, lifting the burden of finding affordable bachelors degree programs online off your shoulders. Websites like U.S. News, which has been ranking college programs since the 1980’s, or even NCES, which is the National Center for Education Statistics contain all of the information that you could ever need in selecting a school, but the way that it is presented isn’t always palatable. These websites offer a wealth of information, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide what information is relevant to your decision and then find it quickly and easily. While these websites are informative, they’re not very helpful when you first start chipping away at a long list of potential schools. College ranking sites, like OnlineCollegePlan, compile the information that these more in-depth websites offer and more, and then they condense it into a bite size look into the schools that you’re interested in and what they can offer you. If you’re on the fence about a few schools, you can look at the lists that these websites create. OnlineCollegePlan has created a list of the Top 50 Most Affordable Online Bachelors Degrees, which you can access above. This article provides you a concise list of schools that have accredited, affordable bachelors degrees. It goes into detail about tuition, freshman retention, and graduation rates, as well as the different programmatic offerings at each school. College ranking websites exist to take the guess work out of selecting your ideal school based on your academic and career goals, and even your financial or personal needs. They exist to make sure that schools are accredited, and legitimate options for students like you, and they offer a wealth of information that can help you make one of the toughest decisions you’ve had to make so far.

How can I find the most affordable bachelors degree programs online?