Top 20 Best Online Colleges Near Houston

With over two million people living there, Houston is the largest city in Texas. This ranking looks at some of the schools located within 225 miles of Houston, making it a fairly easy trip to make within a day.

Top 20 Best Online Colleges Near NYC

NYC is home to some of the best colleges in our nation. This college ranking showcases the best among schools offering online courses within a 100-mile radius of New York City.

Top 20 Best Online Colleges In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania was the site of many different “firsts” in the nation: The first university in the United States, the nation’s first medical school and the first art school in the country.

Top 20 Best Online Colleges in Ohio

Ohio, like many states, is home to a consortium of post-secondary educational institutes. Ohio’s academic consortium is called “The Five Colleges of Ohio”.

Memory Malfunction: Cryptomnesia and Plagiarism

Cryptomnesia is the phenomenon of a forgotten memory being mistaken by the brain for a new and original thought. Unfortunately, this can manifest as unintentional or subconscious plagiarism.

Top 20 Best Online Colleges Near Atlanta

Atlanta is a great place for higher education. With local schools like Georgia Tech and Emory, and other schools easily reached by car, such as the University of Georgia in Athens or Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina, students seeking a quality education have many choices.